Meet Charp

Hello and welcome! I'm so happy you've found my little piece of the internet!

I'm Courtney aka Charp. Why Charp? Well you know how schools and employers make you a login based off a contraction of your first and last name? Mine has always been "Charper" or "Charp", people always giggle at it and eventually start calling me by it so I just went with it.

I have always had a passion for creating but there's always been an extra special place in my heart for photography. I have dreamed of owning my own photography business for over ten years but I went to Kutztown University to study Art Education and concentrated in photography while I work on networking and building a portfolio. My first teaching position ended up being a high school photography teacher and now I have the opportunity to share my passion while learning new tips and tricks along the way.

In addition to my love for creating, I have obsessions with fashion, home decor and my rescue pup, Stella. You'll find little bits and pieces of all of these things documented here.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll stay awhile and say hi.

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