July 22, 2017

Pupdate: A Year of Stella

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous dog mom post with possibly too many photos.
It's so crazy to think that Stella has been in our lives for a whole year! She's still the insanely demanding and adorable pup we adopted a year ago, just a bit bigger and more clever.
She's still extremely energetic and if you leave the door open, you better believe she's going to make a break for it. She likes to run to each of our neighbors' houses usually ending across the street where her corgi friend lives. While she looks lanky and maybe even weak, walking her is next to impossible because of her strength. She pulls at the leash until her eyes and ears are bright red and she's aggressively panting. She's broken five collars in under a year, but thankfully our neighbors or we have been able to catch her every time she breaks out. We're definitely planning on fencing part of the yard in the near future so we don't have the risk of her running into traffic.
 Her curiosity and intelligence usually gets the best of her and gets her into trouble. She learned how to open the trash cabinet, and if we leave her out when we run errands without taking out the trash, she sees it as an all-you-can-eat buffet. She always knows she's in trouble when we come home to the mess and tries to plead her case before reluctantly going into her cage.
Since our house is only a four minute drive from school, I occasionally come home for lunch which tends to be a bit tough for Stella, the stage five clinger. I showed my students photos and videos of her regularly and they asked what kind of trouble she was getting into almost daily. On the senior's last day, I went home for lunch and brought Stella in for the last two periods of the day. Needless to say, this people-obsessed pittie was on cloud nine. She got endless attention and the kids snuck her a few treats when they thought I wasn't looking.
Now for a quick walk down memory lane.
 Oh my goodness I miss her stubby legs and rolls of extra skin!
She used to sleep with her tongue out all the time and it killed me! I love when I catch her doing it now.
I have this photo on my desk at work so I get to see her sweet face. The dopey look was totally unprovoked, I just came home from work one day and she sat there staring at me like this for a solid five minutes. 😭
She's the only dog I know who HAS to sleep under the covers when we first go to bed. She nuzzles her way between us and heads to the bottom of the bed where she then sprawls out or curls up between my legs. 
It's really difficult for me to put into words just how much I love this doggo, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves and I'm sure your heart will melt almost as much as mine has. Unless you don't like dogs, in which case I have to ask, WHAT?! Are you crazy?!  I digress.
While she can be a bit overwhelmingly strong-willed, and intentionally disobedient, we love our Stella (Stelly, Stellman doggo depending on the day) and can't imagine life without her.
Want to see more of this face? You can follow along on Stella's adventures on Instagram.

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