July 11, 2017

CHKMHome: Update

We've checked off a few things on our to-do list since my last update. Progress is slow, but summer is a real blessing. We replaced the upstairs toilet so we no longer need to stack books on the tank to prevent it pouring out water all over the place.🙌   My dad and Kyle put in some more outlets in the living room, because for whatever reason when the barn was converted into a house they only put one outlet in most rooms, none of which were in a convenient, logical place. We also replaced the blinds that Stella decided to break for a more direct view of the neighbor's corgi with much nicer cordless, faux wood ones from Blindster. The only downside is that since the one window is 72", the valance is a little too heavy and scares the crap out of us every time it falls. It actually fell right before I took the photo below and I've been too scared to put it back up since. 
Right before school ended, we removed the floor to ceiling wallpaper in the dining room and began painting the bottom half of the room and some of the trim. I'm currently looking for some super fun (removable) wallpaper for the top half. I'm pretty much set on a banana leaf paper, similar to the Beverly Hills Hotel but at a more affordable price point. 

Upstairs, there are identical windows on opposite sides of the house, one in the master and one in the hallway outside of the cloffice, that have pine jambs. They looked unfinished (probably because they were) so I painted them black to add some contrast. I love the impact a little bit of paint can have on a space. 
The cloffice is the only room that's almost finished, if a room can ever really be considered finished, with painting the door being the last thing that needs to be done. It's the room I post the most of on Instagram, but I can't wait to photograph all of it and share.
It's been so satisfying to see things coming together. I've been loving every minute of planning, shopping and decorating this home. I'm hoping to have the upstairs hallway, dining room, living room, kitchen, sun room, and stair gallery wall finished by mid-August so I should probably get back to work instead of binging every TV show I find 😬.  Just a reminder, you can view some progress shots on Instagram by following #CHKMHome
Thanks for stopping by! xo

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