June 30, 2017

Rug Romance

I've had this post written for so many months, I'm not sure why I never hit publish. I've been out of the groove of writing posts for a while, but now that summer is in full swing, I think it's time to get back to it.
When we were looking for a house, one of my "must haves" was hardwood floors. I've never been a huge fan of carpeting. After my experience with my apartment that reeked of cigarettes and consequentially made all of my clothes and furniture also smell of cigarettes, I didn't want to take any chances moving into a carpeted home. We were fortunate enough to find a home with no carpeting and a variety of different tiling, hardwoods and faux hardwood (the name is escaping me at the moment). While I love having such easy to clean surfaces, the floors don't maintain much heat and aren't very soft on your feet so I love being able to pick out fun rugs to soften the space and add some character.   
Cow Hide // I originally bought this to put under the dining room table, but when it arrived I was so excited I laid it in front of the record player and it's been living there ever since. I've since found a fun indoor/outdoor jute rug at Target that I plan on using in the dining room instead.
Linear Shag // Since Kyle doesn't share my same love of color, I'm sticking with a more neutral palette in the master bedroom. I love the simple pattern and soft texture, I'm just hoping it comes back in stock in one of the larger sizes soon. I bought the runner in the mean time so we have a soft place to step at the top of the stairs.
Rainbow // I was obsessed with this rug but couldn't see myself putting it outside since it's not exactly Kyle's style 😜.  I had to have it though so I bought it as a mat for under Stella's food bowls instead.
Flawless // I love this statement bath mat for the upstairs bathroom. Urban has so many fun pop culture references to playful shapes and patterns right now, it's hard to choose. 
Geometric Shag // I'm absolutely in love with this rug. I love the pop of color and design. I had my eye on this guy for the living room, but we needed such a large size I ended up going with this fun rug instead. With these colors, there's so many places it will fit in the house so I'm sure you'll see it around sooner or later
Faux Zebra Hide // The rug I bought for the cloffice isn't quite large enough for the space, so I wanted to layer a whimsical rug to increase the floor coverage and fun in the space. I actually ended up buying this one because I loved the soft, shaggy look. Stella is convinced it's her new bed.
Maraschino Gramercy // I was over the moon when I found this rug for a steal at HomeGoods. Even though it didn't match my planned color scheme at all I knew I had to have it. I have it in the cloffice and it adds such a warm contrast to the Valspar Gentle Wave (think Kate Spade light blue) walls.

Thanks for stopping by! xo 

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