November 21, 2016

We bought a house!

Hello! I'm back after a few weeks of silence to tell you all-WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! After a couple months of searching and a couple more months of preparation and jumping through the housing hoops, Kyle and I were able to purchase a charming converted barn just a couple streets over from the previous apartment. OH and the adorable painted version was given to us by the seller at settlement, just like it was given to him when he bought the home. It was awesome to hear a little bit about the history of the home and get the scoop on the neighborhood.
Purchasing a nearly hundred year old home, comes with plenty of work to be done like adding ceiling lights and additional outlets (there is currently only one in each bedroom 😲). I'm extremely thankful my dad has experience with electrical work and is willing to help us make the modifications. I can't wait to start renovating the space and making it show our personalities. I'm especially excited to decorate for the holidays, I swear I have never been more in the Christmas spirit!
I'll be documenting our DIY successes (and maybe some failures) and plenty of photos along the way. I hope you'll follow along on our exciting journey of becoming homeowners!


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