October 24, 2016

This N That

October has been a ridiculously busy month, so much so that I almost forgot to stop and really appreciate the changing scenery. Don't get me wrong, I've been taking full advantage of the dropping temperatures to pull out my chunky sweaters and duck boots. I just fell into a deep creative block for most of the month and had to drag myself out of it and start creating again. I pulled out the old pencil and paper and sketched out some still lives and even redesigned the photography club logo.
In other news, I'll be moving out of #AptCharp sooner than planned (next month). So I finally-after 15 months of living here-started photographing the apartment despite the horrible natural lighting. Kyle and I attended a Halloween party on Saturday-I was Cruella de Vil and forced poor Kyle into being Fluffy (Cruella's dog) and taking a picture. I may never stop owing him for this one.  
One // Duck Boots
I know this may sound a little silly considering we just had record high temperatures just last week, but if there is one new thing you purchase this fall, it should be these boots. They're great in the rain, cold/snow. They're easy to clean if they get a little muddy and they're stinking adorable. They have me totally looking forward to the declining temperatures in the near future.

Two // DIY Dementor
Want to show your true love for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while also scaring the bejeebies out of your neighbors and friends this Halloween? Buy a drone and make your own dementor like one Wisconsin father did to scare his daughters. 

Three // Decorative Rocks
As I was stuck in my creative block, I was surfing the internet for inspiration and stumbled upon this gem. A woman spent 35 years, bringing the outdoors inside her home. She painted murals and hot glued rocks, pebbles, minerals, and glass on every surface of her home.

Four // Disney Wedding Reception
This couple got engaged next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, so they knew their wedding had to be Disney related. Each table at the reception had a different Disney themed center piece that was both whimsical and elegant.

Have a great week! xo

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