October 31, 2016

Pupdate: Fall Walks

 If there's one thing Stella loves above all else, it's going for a walk. Whenever we go towards the front door, she is there quick as a flash reaching for her leash or attempting another escape act. She truly is the most difficult dog I have ever walked. She pulls on her leash as hard as she possibly can no matter how much or little you give her causing her to pant and choke horribly. For her size and stature, she's ridiculously strong making even a short walk a true workout. Don't even get me started on when she sees a person (and God forbid they have a dog too) while we're out. She pulls and tries to "swim" through the air to get towards them to steal all their love. But if you don't let her see the person, or she doesn't feel she got enough attention, she screeches like a banshee and tries to pull you after them. That being said, we know she loves it and she will only learn to get better the more we take her on them. 
Over the weekend, we took her on a walk to the victory gardens (a quiet area of our neighborhood) where she had never been before and she was beyond excited. We snapped a few photos and let her jump around in the leaves. I also conveniently wore my October Rocksbox so I could show you all how beautiful the set is with the fall foliage. I was ecstatic when I saw I received a Loren Hope cuff (the only cuff I've ever been able to properly fit to my wrist!) and a matching statement necklace. The Perry Street statement earrings were just the icing on top. From the moment I opened the box, I've worn this set almost daily. It'll be a hard one to send back and I'm oh so tempted to purchase the pieces for my collection. Read on for a promo to get your first month of Rocksbox for free!
Sunnies // Earrings: c/o Rocksbox // Necklace: c/o Rocksbox // Cuff: c/o Rocksbox // Flannel: Gap (similar) // Pants: American Eagle (similar) // Booties: Sam & Libby (similar)

Rocksbox is offering you a free month with code Ceeharpxoxo so you can get your shine on too!

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