October 31, 2016

#AptCharp: Living Room

After fifteen months of living in this apartment, I finally feel like it's complete enough for photos. Truthfully, it's felt complete for a few months but I'm constantly moving furniture and decor from space to space. Since I will be moving out next month, this is likely nothing will change before I begin packing. I'm thrilled to share my colorful living room with all of you today.
This is the room Kyle, Stella and I spend the majority of our time when we are here so I wanted it to be cozy and colorful. I love the idea of minimalism, but minimalist, I am not. I'm always picking out little tchotchkes and nick-knacks from here and there and I love to display everything I can. It makes dusting a nightmare, but sitting and looking around a real pleasurable affair. I'm by no means afraid of mixing colors and patterns and don't know the meaning of "going overboard". I'm sure once I've moved into a more permanent location the walls will teem with meaningful artwork, sculptures, and miscellaneous hangings.
 The natural lighting in the apartment is absolutely dreadful so I had to team up ridiculously high ISOs with a tripod resulting in grainy photographs and doesn't do the space any justice.

Entryway: Stay Awhile Hook: Urban Outfitters // Acrylic Shelf: Max Studio (similar) // OK Neon Light: Oh Joy for Target // Dog Butt Hook: IKEA // Mirror: Thrifted // Umbrella: Ban.do // Hand: Marshalls
Gallery Wall: Felix Clock // Have Fun Okay? : Ban.do Free Print // All others are personal artwork
Halloween Decor: Dia de Muertos Banner: Target (last year) // Marble Skull: TJ Maxx // Spider Pillow: Target
Couch: Sofa: Bob's Discount Furniture // Fur Blanket: Target // Brushstroke Pillows: H&M // Pineapple Pillow: H&M // Fur Pillow: Marshalls (similar) // Paint Splatter Pillow: Kate Spade Saturday (RIP) // Moravian Star Floor Lamp: Dad DIY
Pink Chair: Home Goods // Script Pillow: Kate Spade // Acrylic Side Table: Oh Joy For Target // Faux Fern: Target // Fur Footstool: Target // Copper Side Table: Target (similar) // Eames Style Rocker: Home Goods (similar) // Rug: Marimekko for Target // Fur Rug: Costco (similar)
TV Stand: 9 Cubes Stand: IKEA // Short Record Stand: Target // Table Runner: Kate Spade // Colored Glass Lights: IKEA // 
Locker: Flea Market Find/ Dad DIY // Rope Blanket Basket: DIY Found Here

I'll be posting more room tours over the next couple of months but you can also catch a glimpse at my apartment life by following the tag #AptCharp on Instagram.


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