October 31, 2016

Pupdate: Fall Walks

 If there's one thing Stella loves above all else, it's going for a walk. Whenever we go towards the front door, she is there quick as a flash reaching for her leash or attempting another escape act. She truly is the most difficult dog I have ever walked. She pulls on her leash as hard as she possibly can no matter how much or little you give her causing her to pant and choke horribly. For her size and stature, she's ridiculously strong making even a short walk a true workout. Don't even get me started on when she sees a person (and God forbid they have a dog too) while we're out. She pulls and tries to "swim" through the air to get towards them to steal all their love. But if you don't let her see the person, or she doesn't feel she got enough attention, she screeches like a banshee and tries to pull you after them. That being said, we know she loves it and she will only learn to get better the more we take her on them. 
Over the weekend, we took her on a walk to the victory gardens (a quiet area of our neighborhood) where she had never been before and she was beyond excited. We snapped a few photos and let her jump around in the leaves. I also conveniently wore my October Rocksbox so I could show you all how beautiful the set is with the fall foliage. I was ecstatic when I saw I received a Loren Hope cuff (the only cuff I've ever been able to properly fit to my wrist!) and a matching statement necklace. The Perry Street statement earrings were just the icing on top. From the moment I opened the box, I've worn this set almost daily. It'll be a hard one to send back and I'm oh so tempted to purchase the pieces for my collection. Read on for a promo to get your first month of Rocksbox for free!
Sunnies // Earrings: c/o Rocksbox // Necklace: c/o Rocksbox // Cuff: c/o Rocksbox // Flannel: Gap (similar) // Pants: American Eagle (similar) // Booties: Sam & Libby (similar)

Rocksbox is offering you a free month with code Ceeharpxoxo so you can get your shine on too!

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#AptCharp: Living Room

After fifteen months of living in this apartment, I finally feel like it's complete enough for photos. Truthfully, it's felt complete for a few months but I'm constantly moving furniture and decor from space to space. Since I will be moving out next month, this is likely nothing will change before I begin packing. I'm thrilled to share my colorful living room with all of you today.
This is the room Kyle, Stella and I spend the majority of our time when we are here so I wanted it to be cozy and colorful. I love the idea of minimalism, but minimalist, I am not. I'm always picking out little tchotchkes and nick-knacks from here and there and I love to display everything I can. It makes dusting a nightmare, but sitting and looking around a real pleasurable affair. I'm by no means afraid of mixing colors and patterns and don't know the meaning of "going overboard". I'm sure once I've moved into a more permanent location the walls will teem with meaningful artwork, sculptures, and miscellaneous hangings.
 The natural lighting in the apartment is absolutely dreadful so I had to team up ridiculously high ISOs with a tripod resulting in grainy photographs and doesn't do the space any justice.

Entryway: Stay Awhile Hook: Urban Outfitters // Acrylic Shelf: Max Studio (similar) // OK Neon Light: Oh Joy for Target // Dog Butt Hook: IKEA // Mirror: Thrifted // Umbrella: Ban.do // Hand: Marshalls
Gallery Wall: Felix Clock // Have Fun Okay? : Ban.do Free Print // All others are personal artwork
Halloween Decor: Dia de Muertos Banner: Target (last year) // Marble Skull: TJ Maxx // Spider Pillow: Target
Couch: Sofa: Bob's Discount Furniture // Fur Blanket: Target // Brushstroke Pillows: H&M // Pineapple Pillow: H&M // Fur Pillow: Marshalls (similar) // Paint Splatter Pillow: Kate Spade Saturday (RIP) // Moravian Star Floor Lamp: Dad DIY
Pink Chair: Home Goods // Script Pillow: Kate Spade // Acrylic Side Table: Oh Joy For Target // Faux Fern: Target // Fur Footstool: Target // Copper Side Table: Target (similar) // Eames Style Rocker: Home Goods (similar) // Rug: Marimekko for Target // Fur Rug: Costco (similar)
TV Stand: 9 Cubes Stand: IKEA // Short Record Stand: Target // Table Runner: Kate Spade // Colored Glass Lights: IKEA // 
Locker: Flea Market Find/ Dad DIY // Rope Blanket Basket: DIY Found Here

I'll be posting more room tours over the next couple of months but you can also catch a glimpse at my apartment life by following the tag #AptCharp on Instagram.


October 30, 2016

Work Wears vol. 7

After this post I'll finally be caught up on my work wears posts! I got so backlogged with all of the dark, dreary days that I wasn't able to get a good picture of my outfits it felt like I would never get back on track. I completely forget what I wore on Wednesday of this week and I didn't get a picture, but the rest are here and it looks like I was having quite the blue week. 
Monday: Top: Lauren Conrad // Pants: J.Crew // Flats: Target 
Tuesday: Jean Jacket: American Eagle // Shirt: Union Polo  // Pants: Old Navy // Heels: Target
Thursday: Chambray: American Eagle // Tee: Cotton On // Pants: Gap // Shoes: Toms 
Friday: Top: Free People // Pants: Guess // Boots: Target (similar)

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October 24, 2016

Work Wears vol. 6

Considering the weather last week, it's kind of funny to look at the outfits I wore comfortably to school two weeks ago. Granted, my classroom is often comparable to the arctic tundra between the air conditioning and just being in a windowless basement room so I'm always grabbing for a cardigan. 
Necklace: J.Crew // Turtleneck: Garage (similar) // Pants: Gap // Boots: Minnetonka
Jacket: Who What Wear x Target // Dress: Who What Wear x Target // Booties: Aeropostale
I forgot to take a picture this day and completely forget what I wore now.
Cardigan: BCBG // Shirt: Madewell // Jeans: American Eagle // Boots: Target

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This N That

October has been a ridiculously busy month, so much so that I almost forgot to stop and really appreciate the changing scenery. Don't get me wrong, I've been taking full advantage of the dropping temperatures to pull out my chunky sweaters and duck boots. I just fell into a deep creative block for most of the month and had to drag myself out of it and start creating again. I pulled out the old pencil and paper and sketched out some still lives and even redesigned the photography club logo.
In other news, I'll be moving out of #AptCharp sooner than planned (next month). So I finally-after 15 months of living here-started photographing the apartment despite the horrible natural lighting. Kyle and I attended a Halloween party on Saturday-I was Cruella de Vil and forced poor Kyle into being Fluffy (Cruella's dog) and taking a picture. I may never stop owing him for this one.  
One // Duck Boots
I know this may sound a little silly considering we just had record high temperatures just last week, but if there is one new thing you purchase this fall, it should be these boots. They're great in the rain, cold/snow. They're easy to clean if they get a little muddy and they're stinking adorable. They have me totally looking forward to the declining temperatures in the near future.

Two // DIY Dementor
Want to show your true love for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while also scaring the bejeebies out of your neighbors and friends this Halloween? Buy a drone and make your own dementor like one Wisconsin father did to scare his daughters. 

Three // Decorative Rocks
As I was stuck in my creative block, I was surfing the internet for inspiration and stumbled upon this gem. A woman spent 35 years, bringing the outdoors inside her home. She painted murals and hot glued rocks, pebbles, minerals, and glass on every surface of her home.

Four // Disney Wedding Reception
This couple got engaged next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, so they knew their wedding had to be Disney related. Each table at the reception had a different Disney themed center piece that was both whimsical and elegant.

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October 19, 2016

Work Wears vol. 5

Looking back at what I wore to work two weeks ago (pictured below) is kind of crazy when considering how unseasonably warm it is this week. There were a lot of gloomy days that week as well so the pictures are a bit less than perfect, but the work outfit diary must continue!
Dress: Target // Socks: Cotton On // Loafers: Target
Cardigan: J.Crew // Tank Top: J.Crew // Pants: Old Navy // Shoes: J.Crew (similar)
Scarf: J.Crew // Sweater: J.Jill // Pants: J.Crew // Flats: Sam & Libby
Sweater: Free People // Pants: Free People // Boots: Minnetonka
Shirt: C.Wonder // Pants: Guess // Boots: Sam & Libby

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October 18, 2016

Work Wears vol. 4

My apologizes for the extended hiatus, but as I mentioned, my computer bit the dust and it's not exactly in the budget for a new one right now. I've also had a million things on my mind/occupying my time lately so I'm a few weeks behind on what I wore to work. I've still been photographing my daily outfits and I plan to share them all very soon.
The week I shot these outfits was so dull and dreary which made the lighting absolutely dreadful, thus the poor quality/over brightened photos. without further ado, here's what I wore to work several weeks ago:
I forgot to take a picture this day because it was so dark...but I wore this outfit
Shirt: Lilly for Target // Dress: J.Crew (similar) // Shoes: Superga (similar)
Dress: Philosophy (similar) // Lace Slip: Free People // Necklace: BaubleBar // Booties: Minnetonka
Dress: Kate Spade Saturday (RIP) // Belt: Target // Booties: Sam & Libby

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