September 13, 2016

This N That

This weekend we went home to hang out with my sister and Arnaud (french exchange student) while my parents celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary in Vermont. I always forget how exhausting it is being around three pups-especially with one under 6 months. We celebrated my mimi's birthday with some pizza and super sweet cupcakes and I took another mini break from blogging/ social media to take plenty of naps to recoop from the high energy puppy playing.
One // Philly's Pothole Art
“Our intention is to bring art to people in daily life,” You have to give these artist some serious credit for coming up with such a beautiful solution to an ugly and destructive issue.

Can I get an AMEN?!

Beyonce's 70's themed birthday party was too perfect. If you haven't seen any of the photos I highly recommend checking them out!

Four // Now Trending: Velvet Everything
I'm currently working on a fall staples post but I couldn't hold off sharing these babies a little early.

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