September 5, 2016


I'm so excited to have partnered with POPSUGAR and Rock The Vote to help bring awareness to the upcoming election! As soon as I found out about the partnership, I told Kyle we had to find the patriotic wall we passed several weeks before and sent us on a wild goose chase hunting for it twice. I tried to drop a pin the first time I saw it, but truth be told, I don't understand how pins work and I'm not sure how to find them later so I ended up extremely disappointed when I couldn't remember which of the three forks in the road we came from. Thanks to some clever GPSing (that's a verb, right?) we were able to track down the wall of all patriotic walls and took approximately 3 minutes to get the shots we needed. It took more time for me to get the "perfect" shot of the building for my snap story-sorry Kyle. 
I had way too much fun styling this fun, retro-style tee with a flowery-gingham MinkPink dress, my Superga tennies, a bold pair of Quay sunnies, and a red lip. I wanted to be as patriotic and playful as possible as I portrayed the serious message of the importance of participating in this year's election. It can be so easy to think our votes don't count or to simply decide not to take all of five minutes to go to a voting center or fill out an absentee ballot. So this is me, on my soapbox, telling you to make sure your voice is heard this election and-if you haven't already-register to vote. As my parents always say (and thanks to them, I constantly do too), "if you don't vote you can't complain".
Sunnies // Tee: POPSUGAR x Rock The Vote // Dress: Minkpink // Tennies

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