August 2, 2016

This n That

August 2nd already?! Where has the summer gone? There are only twenty-two days until I go back to work. Although I've enjoyed my time off and not waking up before the sun comes up, I am excited to return to get my classroom set up and see my student's creative thoughts come to life.
This post is a few days late because Kyle and I had a very busy weekend, finding a good realtor, and figuring out a long-term living arrangement. I finally feel like the apartment is complete after 11 months of acquiring and arranging furniture and decorations. I'm just waiting for a nice sunny day (the apartment has awful lighting and very little natural light) to be able to photograph and share how I've styled the space I call home. 
Martin Janecky is considered to be one of the best glass sculptors working today and it's not difficult to see why. He has been working with glass for thirteen years and has his work exhibited in museums around the world.

As I've previously mentioned, my family has adopted two dogs from Speranza Animal Rescue and I'm always amazed by the wonderful things they do for dogs that wouldn't have had a chance at happiness otherwise. About a month ago, they rescued a Boston Terrier from near death with the help of the incredibly devoted people at Dillsburg Veterinary. You can follow Libre's journey on his faceboook page

In honor of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child being released last weekend, I'm sharing a truly inspiring nursery that pays tribute to the wizarding world. 

Artist +itsbirdy drew Pokémon characters wearing their evolution as hoodies and they're too cute for words. 

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