August 26, 2016

Asker, Norway

I went on a hiatus for the last few weeks because it started setting in that summer was ending and I really hadn't prepared for school. During my time off I was able to heavily plan the design of my classroom, redesign lessons and handouts and really get myself excited to meet students and see former students on Tuesday.
Before I went to Norway last month, I researched the weather weeks out, checked Instagram geotags, and even followed some Norwegian bloggers to get an idea of what the locals were wearing. As I saw the temperatures in the mid 50-60s and locals wearing shorts and tank tops, I thought to myself "are these people crazy?! That's not nearly warm enough for those clothes!" (I later found out they were right and changed into the same attire at the cottage) and I packed plenty of pants and long sleeved shirts, just to be safe.
The day we visited central Asker followed the day I got a horrible sunburn on my legs and I had to wear pants to protect them from the sun. Thankfully we had another day with beautiful weather and I was able to pair them with my favorite bell-sleeved top.

Shop this look and similar styles:

Have a great weekend! xo

*Thanks to Tina for taking these in a not so empty street in Asker :) *

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