July 16, 2016

This n That

I started this little feature called "This n That" not only to replace the Life In Square Photos feature that proved to be more challenging than anticipated, but also to share some ramblings and a handful of the things I stumble upon throughout the week. Whether it be humorous or inspiring, a video, an article, or a style staple, who knows what I'll come up with but I promise to try to keep it short and to the point. Think of it is a little recap of the week as I see it through my end of social media mixed with random, abbreviated blurbs from what I would say if we were hanging out in real life.
One // Piece of Cake
He can make eye-popping masterpieces using icing...meanwhile it takes me 45 minutes to butcher the top of one cupcake (seriously, ask my mom).

Two // Cot Dammit Elizabeth
When I first watched this video, I chuckled a little. The second time I watched, I laughed a bit harder. Now, whenever I watch it I'm in tears because I imagine poor Kyle having to chase me down and babysit me like this and these are the things he wishes he could yell at me but never does. They've made several more videos and her love for food is eerily familiar.

Three // Choir Choir Choir feat. Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright's rendition of Hallelujah has always been a favorite of mine and to listen to a crowd of 1,5000 people who haven't practiced sing in unison is really something wonderful. I could listen to this over and over, not to mention watching

Four // Charpography
Some of you may know, long before I started this blog, I used a page on Tumblr to share my photos and document progress and projects over the years. I seriously disappointed myself in keeping up with it through college and I'm trying to make up for it by sharing my photos a little more often and making myself actually go out and invest myself in photography again.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! xo

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