July 10, 2016

This n That

This week flew by which sadly means summer is also flying by. Have you ever noticed it's a downward hill from the Fourth of July to October? I feel like I've spent a majority of my summer on the couch, binge-watching every show I can think of with minimal side of crafting but way too much online window-shopping. It's weird how different summer feels when you don't have a job or know anyone who lives in the area. But it's definitely a little more relaxing and I've already had too much time to think about how I'm going to arrange my classroom.
 I recently found this pin to add to my jean jacket that's a perfect representation of Kyle and my relationship. I mean, our first bond was over taco pizza from Main Street Café after all.
Kyle took off work until Wednesday, so we're having a little staycation at the apartment until my flight on Tuesday. I've already begun taking advantage of him being home and asked for him to take photos while we were out yesterday. But mostly we've just been relaxing and chasing down Pokémon in the vicinity.
This sweet golden doodle knows just how to cheer people up. The little nudge to get pets Lulu uses in the video is a classic Macey move, it must be a spoiled rotten doodle thing.

While I was on the topic of therapy pets, I saw this video of a bond between an unusual (and beautiful!) pet and how she helped her owner through breast cancer. Videos of animals have a real way of tugging at my heartstrings lately. Probably the puppy fever.

Three // Pokémon Go
Anyone else start playing yet? I was hesitant when Kyle first mentioned it but I'm already way too into it. I've been checking my phone constantly the last two days to look for Pokéstops and to see if there are any Pokémon nearby. I see pros being that you actually have to leave your home to find more, and I've already left the apartment to catch a shadowy figure a few times. I also know there is a warning to pay attention to your surroundings, but it's so easy to get engrossed in the search and walk behind a car backing out of a space. But I love the way Forbes is encouraging using the game to benefit local businesses.

Four // This Shirt
This is just such a fun summer shirt and a great price that I had to share following up this post from a few weeks ago.

Five // Inspiring Video Alert
A truly inspirational video and story, I love the way he is able to express himself through art.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week! xo

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