July 28, 2016


One afternoon we took a boat ride over to Stråholmen, an island where Tina's boyfriend's family has a cottage. The island was lush and green and there were plenty of sweet cherries hanging from trees to snack on. I compared the island to living an Amish lifestyle because there is no running water or electricity. Substitute methods like well water, gas, and solar power are used to run refrigerators and stoves while also being able to wash dishes. Before dinner we walked around the island and searched for the sheep for some photo opportunities. No two sheep looked alike in color or pattern and they each spoke with a sound all their own. We had a delicious meal, sat outside by a fire snacking on chips, cherries, and chocolate, and we even went in a large field and played frisbee. The poor boys we were playing with had to keep running for search and rescue methods because we were not very accurate throwers. We headed back to Bamble a little after midnight and Tina and I stayed  up talking about old times and catching each other up on the last few months. 

This photo was taken after midnight, and it's hard to tell from this photo but it was actually still quite light out. 

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