July 21, 2016

Norway Itinerary

I'm back from Norway and I wasn't sure where to begin posting about my trip. After spending some time thinking about it, I decided the best way to start is to share an overarching itinerary of how I spent my time with Tina.
Day One: Bamble
I left Tuesday around 7 PM and arrived in Oslo Wednesday morning at 8:30 and didn't sleep a wink. I did however have the company of three movies (How To Be Single, Allegiant, and Daddy's Home) to help the flight go quickly. Tina and I drove a few hours from the airport to get her family's cottage at the sea. We arrived just in time for lunch; waffles with a beautiful scenery. Later that evening, we went down by the water and fished for crabs for a crab race. The water was so crisp and clear you could watch the crabs running to the blue mussel bait. We stayed up late watching Before I Go To Sleep and I literally had to fight from falling asleep (I was desperately trying to reset my internal clock) after my 34 hours without sleep. Of course Tina and I managed to stay up at least another hour gossiping until we were too tired to think.

Day Two: Bamble & Stråholmen
The next morning it began raining during breakfast. Tina and her family assured me that the water feels much warmer when it's raining. Although I was skeptical, I agreed to go for a swim (mind you, I don't even get in my parent's pool) and walked down to the water. I climbed hesitantly into the water we had fished for crabs the night before. I swam in the North Sea just long enough for the photo evidence and immediately climbed back out.
We took the boat from Bamble over to Stråholmen where Tina's boyfriend's family has a cottage. The big joke while we were there was that I compared living on the island to Amish lifestyle with no electricity or running water on the island. Before dinner we walked around and scared some sheep trying to capture some photos. We picked and ate sweet cherries off the trees on the island, and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. Tina and I spent another late night catching up.

Day Three: Bamble & Asker
After breakfast, Tina and decided to go kayaking in the sea. I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely terrified I was going to capsize my kayak as the larger boats threw waves our direction. I was not looking forward to the idea of falling among the jellyfish I kept spotting. Tina kept me calm by keeping up conversation and being so close to the water made it easy to see clear to the bottom of the sea. Tina made a homemade pizza for her family before we headed back to her parent's home in Asker.

Day Four: Asker
Tina took me into Asker center where we enjoyed ice cream and people watching in the park. Later that afternoon we made some brownies in preparation for her friends coming over. That evening we had a barbecue with Tina's friends where Pokémon Go was a massive topic of conversation as it had just been released in Europe that morning. I said it so many times while I was there, but I am seriously impressed by how great everyone's English was and how easy it was to communicate despite me not speaking a lick of Norwegian.

Day Five: Asker
I slept in ridiculously late on my last day in Norway. We decided to go for a hike up a rocky, mountain trail to see Oslo and Asker from a bird's eye view and celebrated making it to the top with brownies. I am by no means in shape and had to stop on multiple occasions for a breather and water break, but the view was well worth all the sweat.

The weather was crazy. I was constantly checking temperatures and the forecasts were all over the place so I had to ask Tina what to pack. She said that it's probably safest to bring a little bit of everything. Boy was she right. It would go from being cool and comfortable, to hot and humid, to cool and crisp. Layering is definitely key. If you plan on going, pack and be prepared for anything and everything.

I definitely plan on staying longer next time because there's still so much to see and do. As if I need anymore of a reason than to just want to spend time with Tina. Check back soon for the pictures I snapped while I was there.


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