July 29, 2016

Meet Stella

A week ago today, we welcomed another Speranza furbaby into our home. Her name is Stella, she was the alpha in her liter and it sure shows in her feisty attitude. Her favorite activities include hanging from Macey's beard/ ears, terrorizing Lily (who cautiously pokes at Stella with her nose), watching TV, being held like a baby and cuddling up in your lap for a nap (with her tongue sticking out). She's not a fan of being alone, in her cage, pants, socks, or rugs. But let me tell you, she certainly is smart and knows how to use her adorably expressive face to get out of any mischief she finds. We're so incredibly thankful for all that Speranza does and for bringing this little ball of energetic curiosity into our  lives. 
Thanks for stopping by! xo

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