July 30, 2016

In the North Sea

Upon my arrival, Tina told me you haven't experienced a Norwegian Summer until you've gone for a swim in the sea. Now, as I've mentioned before I don't do water, like not even emerging further than my waist in my parent's pool. If I do decide to get in the water, I need it to be so warm it's like bath water. 
One morning, it started raining and Tina and her sister, Mari, assured me that this would be the best time to swim because the water would feel warmer. After breakfast, we ventured down to the same spot where we had gone crabbing the day before. I climbed gingerly into the 62° water where I treaded water only long enough for photographic proof before beelining back to the rock I used to enter. Needless to say, when we went kayaking the next morning I had no plans of getting back in the water. I panicked a little every time a larger boat would send its wake our way and caused my kayak to rock aggressively. However, the water was so crystal clear we could see straight down to the bottom as we made our way around a small island that it helped me keep a cool head.

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