July 6, 2016

Exploring Oslo

It has been a little over nine months since these pictures were taken. I know I said in my previous posts (here & here) I wouldn't wait forever to share the last set of photos from Norway, but I saved them as a piece of this announcement. A few months ago, I started looking at plane tickets to Norway just to see if I could afford to go a few days this summer. I played with the dates and flight arrangements up until June 17th when I finally bit the bullet and bought my tickets. When the confirmation screen came up, I literally squealed "I'm going back to Norway!" and totally freaked out my family's dogs. I'll be spending five days with my sister from another mister and I can hardly wait.
This will be my first time flying alone which is partially the reason I procrastinated on buying my tickets. I booked nonstop flights there and back to crush my fear of missing my connecting flight or somehow ending up in Timbuktu. Lately my anxiety has only that it's so close and that I'll get stuck next to a stranger who snores or has a screaming baby for ten hours. I'm sure you'll get the full recap on my return, maybe even in a timely manner. But without further ado, here's the photos from Norway when we visited in September:
We explored Norway's Resistance Museum and enjoyed the beautiful weather before walking through the city. Walking in the city, we were oohing and ahing at the architecture and laughing at the familiar stores and restaurants (Hard Rock Cafe and TGI Fridays really stood out. The Lush Cosmetics store had the facade of a teeny tiny space, but down a narrow spiral staircase there were beautiful rooms upon rooms of fragrant products. It really was something magical, and then I managed to knock an entire display over and ruined the moment. C'est la vie. It was a beautiful trip and I'm hoping to return to some warmer weather this time.
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