July 25, 2016

Crabbing in Bamble

The first evening I was in Norway we ventured down to the water with the intention of fishing for crabs. Tina and her sister, Mari, were much more brave when it came to getting into the water in search of blue mussels, while I just stood on the rocks and snapped photos. I gingerly climbed into the boat with the help of Tina and Mari (I have serious balance issues) and baited some clothespins with cracked blue mussels. The water was so crystal clear you could actually see the crabs running to to catch their prey. They would greedily grab onto the mussel as we reeled them in and caught them with a net. We sorted them by size into two buckets of water and prepped for a crab race. 
Full disclosure: I was totally terrified of holding the crabs and dropped this poor guy on his back in the boat because I didn't like the way he sprawled his legs out against my fingers. I had to grab him again for the sake of documenting the moment but was no less terrified.
The crabs racing down the rock and into the water was quite the sight. 
Fleece (in Mock Purple) // Pants: Kate Spade (also loving these and these)

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