June 9, 2016

Wedding Wears

Memorial Day Weekend my brother got married and it was stinkin hot out. I laughed as I got ready because the dress I bought had built in deodorant/ sweat pads and I thought to myself "how appropriate for the sweaty pig". I was constantly wiping my drenched face with a clump of papertowels that I deemed my "sweat rag" that I was able to conveniently stuff into my pocket when I no longer needed it until I could find a trash can. I'm telling you, if it were a slightly thinner material, this dress would be the ideal hot, humid wedding attire. But enough about how much and easily I sweat, it was a beautiful afternoon/evening and I need to get back to editing the 800+ photos I snapped from setup to clean up. Enjoy these photos of my family, Kyle and I and I'll try to update Charpography with more pictures... eventually.
 How fun are my mom's Lenora Dame necklace and earrings?
 These are seriously the best pictures of Bailey and I on my camera... though they couldn't describe us better.
Dress // Necklace: J.Crew (similar) // Flats // Lip Color

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