June 13, 2016


Today is what I'm considering my first day of summer because it finally set in that I don't have school for basically the next three months. Every summer I get excited for time off to go on adventures and make memories. But every summer I fall into a mind trap that makes me just want to sit around and do a whole lot of nothing. Working a summer job usually helped with keeping me busy and not be a total couch potato, but this summer I chose not to work. That may leave me very vulnerable to becoming a permanent part of my couch, but I think I can fight through it. I've planned a few trips this summer that have been motivating me to update my wardrobe a bit, like buying a Patagonia fleece for a trip I haven't even booked yet...
Some of my summer plans will likely require a swimsuit. It's weird but over the last couple of summers, I've been drawn more to one pieces over bikinis. I think the fact that one pieces now come with varying cuts and detailing paired with the general modesty makes me more interested in them. I also think that the time I wasn't allowed to go down a water slide, that my family deemed "the most fun ever", because my bikini exposed my belly ring makes me want to jump on the one piece train... don't want to miss out on the "most fun ever" water slide again. Anyway, here's a few one pieces I've been considering for my summer wardrobe.
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