May 10, 2016

The Archive

As I mentioned yesterday, Kyle and I went record hunting yesterday. We've gotten really into the idea of shopping "small" (in other words, local) stores because we have realized the prices are more reasonably priced (not $75-$100) and there's a better chance of finding some classics. Kyle is skilled at finding massive antique/ collectible shops and even though he doesn't enjoy them he lets me poke around and explore a bit. 
Last weekend, he found another gem, called The Archive in Lansdale. The outside has a kind of creepy, warehouse vibe, but inside there are rooms upon rooms stuffed with, well, stuff. There are rooms filled with shelves brimming with books and vintage magazines. There are boxes upon boxes of vintage records, display cabinets full of knickknacks and collectibles, and drawers containing original artworks and advertisements.
Oh, and they have "guard gator" that I was too creeped out to walk any closer. 
I fell in love with these vintage chairs, but unfortunately have no room in my apartment for them.

Did I buy anything? Nope. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff inside that I didn't know what I really wanted, so I just took some pictures instead. I do, however, seriously regret my decision not to buy any of the incredible vintage luggage I stumbled upon in a back corner. Any excuse to make a game plan and return.

What are your thoughts on antiques/collectible stores? Do you think they're overrated or perfect treasure hunts?


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