May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Kyle and I had another one of our crazy, activity-filled weekends where we did so much that we desperately wanted another day off of work. I didn't pull out my camera to document everything, but here are some photos I stored from my Snapchat story this weekend.
Saturday, we celebrated Mother's Day with his family, searched for records and a dress for my brother's wedding, and caught up with some of Kyle's friends from college. 
Sunday, we drove home to my parents' house where we hung around until our dinner reservations in Harrisburg.
Lily is always getting in Kyle's face like she's saying "BOYFRIEND! Pay attention to me!!"
 We went to Stocks on 2nd in Harrisburg and shared the venison fries and some chips at the table. Bailey and I ordered bacon mac and cheese which was pretty delicious sans the cooked cherry tomatoes. For dessert I had the peanut butter pie which was so rich, I had to save have of it for later.
We love you, mom!

Did you do anything special for your mother's day? xo

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