May 5, 2016

Currently Spinning

 My parents bought Kyle a record player for Christmas and I selfishly awaited the day he would move it into our apartment and I could buy some of my favorite albums. I never imagined how much we would use it, but there's something about consciously listening to an album and having it flip and switch records to hear it in its entirety. It has provided us with a really fun hobby where we hit up a vinyl retailer and flip tirelessly through the rows of albums. Sometimes we find a handful, sometimes we come up empty handed, but we always look forward to going back to search again the following weekend.
We've been getting a little tired of the selection and higher prices at Barnes and Noble, and we have been searching for shops dedicated to selling vinyl. We've driven cluelessly around Reading twice in search for Vertigo Music, with no success. Apparently it's well-marked, but we gave up last weekend and got directions to music heaven instead. We had no idea what kind of shop we were going to end up in, but the whole drive, I was oohing and ahhing at the shops we passed. From the outside, Record Connection looked like a quaint music store. When we walked in however, it was a whole new story. The first room was filled with cassettes and CDs, we ventured back further and found another couple rooms filled with tens of thousands of albums in crates and shelves. It was truly overwhelming, but in the happiest sort of way as we found new and classic music we love at reasonable prices. Of course, my phone was dying by the time we arrived, and I only snapped one photo on it. I did snap a couple shots on a disposable camera I carry around in my purse (more on that later). Below are my current favorite albums:
When I come home and play these they put me in a chipper, ready-to-jump-around-and-call-it-dancing-while-simultaneously-cleaning mood. Maybe not so much Dark Side of the Moon, that one really helps me buckle down and edit photos and posts though. 
I, by no means consider myself a real Yeezy fan, but I do have to admit that his music has grown on me the more I listen to it. It took us a few tries to figure out how to correctly play this album because it was packaged out of order and the the track order is written in a minuscule type. I finally figured it out yesterday and I am obnoxiously obsessed with Record 1/ Side A (Dark Fantasy and Gorgeous) and have been overplaying it and "singing" (aka yelling) along to the lyrics.
This is my absolute favorite album before going to bed. I usually hum or sing along to myself until I drift off to sleep.

You can see our complete record collection here. I have tagged sources where you can purchase the albums if you're not much for searching through a sea of records.

What are your favorite albums? xo

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