April 12, 2016

Work Wears

I have been having such a difficult time getting out and actually taking photos for outfit posts. It's been a constant battle between the weather, not having full access to a photographer, not knowing the area and just being too lazy on the weekends. But, obviously, I'm putting together outfits and getting dressed everyday. So, in an effort to start documenting my outfits more often, I set up a mini (ghetto) studio in my dining room. The lighting in my apartment isn't great, I get very little natural light. I also don't have quite enough space to set up a full set of studio lights so I have one soft box fill light. My plan is to keep the light and tripod set up as long as I can before it starts to annoy me that it blocks the main route to the bedroom and photograph what I wear to work each day. Sounds simple, right? Let's hope so.
My style changes very little from my weekend outfits to my work outfits. The major difference is total coverage (I'm always freezing in school) and no jeans...unless it's a free jean day. Who wants to pay to wear their own clothes? My work wardrobe consists of the same shirts I wear on the weekends sans graphics/text, about seven pairs of dress pants/ khakis/ cords, dresses and the occasional crazy, patterned wide-leg pant.
I have a weird habit of waking up at five, peeing, getting dressed as quickly as possible, and going back to sleep until 6:40-6:50. When I get out of bed the second time, I simply have to brush my teeth, hair, wash my face and decide if I have time to put on makeup before I have to leave. So, who knows how wildly unattractive the outfits/ pictures will turn out over time. But it could certainly make for a fun and embarrassing series.
 Monday: Top: Free People (Similar) // Pants: Francessas (Similar) // Sandals
 Tuesday: Sweater: J.Jill // Jacket: TJ Maxx (Similar) // Pants: Ralph Lauren (Similar) // Shoes: Sperry
 Wednesday: Necklace // Shirt // Jacket: Guess // Pants // Shoes
 Thursday:  Jacket // Top // Pants // Shoes: Target (old, Similar)
Friday: Vest // Necklace: Mountz (Similar) // Top: Max Studio // Jeggings // Flats

I have to admit, it was pretty awkward standing against a wall looking at a bright studio light and waiting for the self-timer to go off. I'm hoping I get more used to it as time goes on so I don't have such an RBF/ over-excited fake smile in my future pictures.

Thanks for stopping by! xo  


  1. Look nice as usual. Love you

  2. I like Friday's outfit the best. All are cute tho.


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