April 26, 2016

Work Wear vol. 3

Before any of you see the bruise on my shin-that looks an awful lot like dirt-and question my hygiene, let me explain. Two Fridays ago, I got home from work and the lighting in my apartment was AMAZING. I grabbed my camera and started shooting random pictures for upcoming Instagram photos. I had this brilliant idea to drape my Buried Diamond eye necklace over my faux gazelle's antlers to take a photo. I had to stand on an ottoman to be at eye level. I wobbled a few times because I had one leg on the dresser and one on the ottoman, but I was able to stabilize myself. Then, all of the sudden, I tipped the ottoman just a little too far, and in slow motion I felt myself falling and threw my camera towards the opposite wall. I smacked my elbow on the metal box spring of my bed before slamming my shin into it. You know when a toddler falls and is in shock, then as soon as someone says something they start crying? Well, I was a toddler that day, except no one was around to say anything. So I had this whole internal conversation with myself where I was shocked and frozen, mentally asked myself if I was okay and then immediately started sobbing, then asked myself why I was crying, picked myself up and assessed the damage. The raised bruise formed immediately after impact and now I have a ridiculous story about "how getting the shot" is more important than safety. In case you're wondering, I did get the shot and my camera is totally fine despite slamming into a wall. 
Now without further delay, here's what I wore to work last week: 
 Monday: Shirt: Francessca's // Skirt // Boots: Target (old, similar)
 Tuesday: Silk Scarf: J. Crew // Sweater: Banana Republic // Pants // Shoes: Sperry
 Wednesday: Chambray // Shirt: Target Kids (Similar) // Pants // Flats
 Thursday: Cardigan // Dress: Francessca's // Shoes: Target (Similar)
Friday: Jacket // Dress: Kate Spade Saturday (RIP) // Shoes: Sperry

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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