April 27, 2016

Lime Crime

I'm always buying and trying different brands of lipsticks and stains in various shades. I have this real warm spot in my heart for a bold lip to spice up a plain outfit or to just feel a little more "put together". I've had my eye on a few shades of Lime Crime Velvetine Matte Lipstick (bleached, shroom, and cashmere). I was hesitant to spend $20 on a lipstick because I have a horrible habit of putting them in my pocket and losing them. But then I was clicking through Urban Outfitter's sale section and saw select colors of Lime Crime and couldn't pass up the opportunity to try one. I picked out pink velvet despite my fear of it being too bold. I read mixed (mostly negative) reviews on the lipstick's durability, but didn't let them sway me. I tried the lipstick on as soon as it arrived, a little after 3 PM. I ate dinner, and a snack, showered and brushed my teeth and it was still going strong. When I woke up in the morning, it was a little faded, but still visible. I brushed my teeth, reapplied and ate my morning apple and not a bit smudged or rubbed onto the apple. So, I think I finally found the perfect, long-lasting lip color that can be put on without a worry of fading and having to reapply.
Now my biggest challenge will be to resist the urge to buy 90% of the colors.

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