April 22, 2016

Hair Love

I'm in desperate need of a haircut, I mean, it has been over two years since my last one. I go through this cycle where I grow my hair unmanageably long, then decide I want a bob/ lob, and then wish my hair was long again. So, I'm trying to fight the cycle and only trim off what needs to go sometime in the foreseeable future. In the mean time, I'm all about the products below to care for and style my hair. I try not to wash my hair every day, but my hair looks super greasy if I don't. I've tried a lot of dry shampoos, but this is by far my favorite. Bonus! I'm also sharing my favorite bad hair day quick fixes: perfect bun maker (or a sock as pictured above) or a floppy hat (I just bought this one in lavender!)

What are your go-to hair care/ styling products?


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