April 8, 2016

Flair Game

Pins, brooches, or now what we call "flair" have made a pretty huge comeback recently and I can't tell you how excited I am about it. I remember going to Hot Topic with my mom in middle school so I could pick out pins from the jars on the counter to cover the strap and flap of my black Tinkerbell messenger bag. The pins ranged from snarky sayings, to Care Bears, to Happy Bunny, to my favorite bands of the time to Disney characters. I might have moved on from my messenger bag, but I still have all of my pins tucked away in a container in my closet awaiting their comeback. 
Lately, I've been finding some amazing artists who have designed a variety of enamel pins and I want to buy them all and cover my jean jacket. If I had an unlimited budget to spend on pins and patches, I would. But unfortunately I have to take it two-three pins at a time for now. I gathered some of my current favorites from various artists/shops below.

Any favorites you would want to add to your flair collection?

Thanks for stopping by! xo 

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