April 27, 2016

Lime Crime

I'm always buying and trying different brands of lipsticks and stains in various shades. I have this real warm spot in my heart for a bold lip to spice up a plain outfit or to just feel a little more "put together". I've had my eye on a few shades of Lime Crime Velvetine Matte Lipstick (bleached, shroom, and cashmere). I was hesitant to spend $20 on a lipstick because I have a horrible habit of putting them in my pocket and losing them. But then I was clicking through Urban Outfitter's sale section and saw select colors of Lime Crime and couldn't pass up the opportunity to try one. I picked out pink velvet despite my fear of it being too bold. I read mixed (mostly negative) reviews on the lipstick's durability, but didn't let them sway me. I tried the lipstick on as soon as it arrived, a little after 3 PM. I ate dinner, and a snack, showered and brushed my teeth and it was still going strong. When I woke up in the morning, it was a little faded, but still visible. I brushed my teeth, reapplied and ate my morning apple and not a bit smudged or rubbed onto the apple. So, I think I finally found the perfect, long-lasting lip color that can be put on without a worry of fading and having to reapply.
Now my biggest challenge will be to resist the urge to buy 90% of the colors.

April 26, 2016

Work Wear vol. 3

Before any of you see the bruise on my shin-that looks an awful lot like dirt-and question my hygiene, let me explain. Two Fridays ago, I got home from work and the lighting in my apartment was AMAZING. I grabbed my camera and started shooting random pictures for upcoming Instagram photos. I had this brilliant idea to drape my Buried Diamond eye necklace over my faux gazelle's antlers to take a photo. I had to stand on an ottoman to be at eye level. I wobbled a few times because I had one leg on the dresser and one on the ottoman, but I was able to stabilize myself. Then, all of the sudden, I tipped the ottoman just a little too far, and in slow motion I felt myself falling and threw my camera towards the opposite wall. I smacked my elbow on the metal box spring of my bed before slamming my shin into it. You know when a toddler falls and is in shock, then as soon as someone says something they start crying? Well, I was a toddler that day, except no one was around to say anything. So I had this whole internal conversation with myself where I was shocked and frozen, mentally asked myself if I was okay and then immediately started sobbing, then asked myself why I was crying, picked myself up and assessed the damage. The raised bruise formed immediately after impact and now I have a ridiculous story about "how getting the shot" is more important than safety. In case you're wondering, I did get the shot and my camera is totally fine despite slamming into a wall. 
Now without further delay, here's what I wore to work last week: 
 Monday: Shirt: Francessca's // Skirt // Boots: Target (old, similar)
 Tuesday: Silk Scarf: J. Crew // Sweater: Banana Republic // Pants // Shoes: Sperry
 Wednesday: Chambray // Shirt: Target Kids (Similar) // Pants // Flats
 Thursday: Cardigan // Dress: Francessca's // Shoes: Target (Similar)
Friday: Jacket // Dress: Kate Spade Saturday (RIP) // Shoes: Sperry

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April 25, 2016

Dandelion Love

This weekend we had beautiful Spring weather, and Kyle and I took full advantage of it. On Saturday, we started our morning with Iced Cookie Dough Coffees from Dunkin', followed by a car wash. We headed over to Barnes and Noble and set off in search for books and records and were very successful. Then we ventured towards Kutztown to watch his friend coach baseball. Every time we passed a field or yard painted with dandelions I screeched "I just want to lay in them!" And lay in them I did. We got to the park and I scanned for the area most filled with dandelions and plopped down among them and begged Kyle to snap a few photos. Then we headed over to the baseball field where I crafted half of a dandelion flower crown before I got tired of staining my pants yellow. 
I've been trying to bring more color into my daily outfits (#LiveColorfully) and that's means searching for specific colors and choosing color over my gut reaction of black or white. I was immediately drawn to these shoes because I knew they would add an instant pop of color to any plain Jane outfit. I spotted this cardigan (I'm wearing it buttoned backwards here) and instantly fell in love with the soft neon and regret not buying it in every color. I decided to kick up this already colorful look with an ultra bold lip and J. Crew silk scarf. 
Sunnies // Scarf: J. Crew // Cardigan // Jeans // Flats

Shop similar styles below:

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April 24, 2016

For Mom...

Mom, momma, mother, mum, mummy, or whatever you may call her, her dedicated day of appreciation is rapidly approaching. That's right, mother's day is only a mere two weeks away! Don't know what to get her? Look no further! Well, if your mom has any of the same tastes as mine that is. I've rounded up things I know my mom loves below.

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April 22, 2016

Hair Love

I'm in desperate need of a haircut, I mean, it has been over two years since my last one. I go through this cycle where I grow my hair unmanageably long, then decide I want a bob/ lob, and then wish my hair was long again. So, I'm trying to fight the cycle and only trim off what needs to go sometime in the foreseeable future. In the mean time, I'm all about the products below to care for and style my hair. I try not to wash my hair every day, but my hair looks super greasy if I don't. I've tried a lot of dry shampoos, but this is by far my favorite. Bonus! I'm also sharing my favorite bad hair day quick fixes: perfect bun maker (or a sock as pictured above) or a floppy hat (I just bought this one in lavender!)

What are your go-to hair care/ styling products?


April 19, 2016

Dirty Works

Last February I shared my skincare routine, and while it hasn't changed much, I have integrated a few new products. I like to switch up my cleansers and moisturizers because I have found that once my skin gets used to a product, it becomes a little less effective.
I'm sure I've mentioned before how I'm a total sucker for packaging and will buy things based solely on how they look (not always the best method, I know). A few months back, I was strolling up the beauty aisle in our local TJ Maxx and was immediately drawn to the design of the Dirty Works Perfecting Eye Cream and Detox Mud Mask. I'm always looking for a way to hide the puffy dark circles under my eyes. Even getting 8+ hours of sleep won't make the bags disappear so I thought I'd try it out. It a real miracle worker...when I actually remember to put it on twice a day. I also got really into masks in college and I feel like I've tried them all but the Dirty Works Mud Mask makes my skin feel smoother immediately and I definitely don't mind the blueberry scent. I recently switched from using my Mario Badescu Cleanser to using the Dirty Works Micellar Cleansing Water in the morning and Pore-fect Face Scrub in the evening. I'm obsessed with the tingly, fresh sensation I get from the menthol in the face scrub.
Now every time I go to TJ Maxx/ Marshalls I scan the shelves in the beauty section for that retro-inspired teal and coral packaging to try out another product and I've yet to be disappointed. I find the products in store pretty consistently, I only wish they were stocked at the local supermarket or Target too in case TJ Maxx is out of my faithful 8-in-1 Miracle Cream. But alas, the British brand only distributes their products to Sainsbury's from what I can find. You could also buy the products overpriced on eBay if you are dying to try them but don't want to test your luck searching at TJ Maxx.

April 16, 2016

Work Wears vol. 2

Thanks for all of the positive feedback on volume one of Work Wears earlier this week. Like I said, it was so awkward standing in front of a bright studio light and trying to look cool, calm, and collected as I waited for the self-timer. It's finally starting to warm up and feel more like spring which inspired some more colorful outfits this week. 
 Monday: Top: Lilly Pulitzer For Target // Pants // Shoes: Sperry
 Tuesday: Jacket: Who What Wear x Target // Shirt // Pants // Boots: Aeropostale
 Wednesday: Sweater: Target (Similar) // Dress: Garage (Similar) // Tights // Shoes: J.Crew (Similar)
 Thursday: Shirt: Gap (Similar) // Pants: J.Crew // Heels: Sam Edelman (Also loving these)
Friday: Top: Free People // Jumpsuit: Lilly Pulitzer for Target // Shoes: Sam & Libby (Similar)

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April 15, 2016

Rust x Blush

This has been my go-to outfit for the last couple of weekends. I feel like the blush paired with traditionally fall hues perfectly describes the fall-like weather we've been having this spring. One very chilly Saturday in March, Kyle and I went out with the intention of shooting several outfits. I planned to go to the high school because I knew the brick colors would compliment this outfit. I failed to consider the fact that there are sports on Saturdays and there were way too many people around for us to comfortably take photos. So instead, we went over to take photos at the junior high. While we're outside and I'm trying to stop shivering look casual, I look up and there's a man standing at the end of his deck, totally judging us. He didn't say a word but it was awkward enough for me to want to wrap up the shoot, go home and curl up under the heated blanket.

Sunnies // Jacket: G.H. Bass (Past Season Current) // Top // Tights: Urban Outfitters // Boots: Target (Old)

Shop the look below:

Have a Great Weekend! xo

April 14, 2016

Get Fit

Well, it's about that time of year again where "get your beach body ready" articles are popping up left and right. Then there's me, who sits on the couch eating some fried food and reading said articles and really questioning my choices. It's been taking a lot for me to actually get up and go to the gym lately unless I do it as soon as I get home from work. But a big influence in getting me up and moving is having cute activewear. I'm not sure exactly why I think sweating in something cute makes a difference, but, hey, whatever it takes to get me motivated. Am I right?
I've mentioned before that I'm trying (not really succeeding yet) to take better care of myself. I'm trying to take baby steps and try to hit my FitBit step goal at least a couple of times a week, which has been tough considering I rarely leave my classroom and my apartment isn't very large. But I try to make a conscious effort to get up at least once an hour and walk 250 steps. I've also been keeping more bottles/cups of water around to make a conscious effort to stay hydrated and drink more than a few sips of water in a day. Again, it seriously helps for me to have a fun bottle/cup to drink.
I've tagged some pieces I'm currently lusting over below:

What about you? Does the right piece of clothing motivate you?

April 12, 2016

Work Wears

I have been having such a difficult time getting out and actually taking photos for outfit posts. It's been a constant battle between the weather, not having full access to a photographer, not knowing the area and just being too lazy on the weekends. But, obviously, I'm putting together outfits and getting dressed everyday. So, in an effort to start documenting my outfits more often, I set up a mini (ghetto) studio in my dining room. The lighting in my apartment isn't great, I get very little natural light. I also don't have quite enough space to set up a full set of studio lights so I have one soft box fill light. My plan is to keep the light and tripod set up as long as I can before it starts to annoy me that it blocks the main route to the bedroom and photograph what I wear to work each day. Sounds simple, right? Let's hope so.
My style changes very little from my weekend outfits to my work outfits. The major difference is total coverage (I'm always freezing in school) and no jeans...unless it's a free jean day. Who wants to pay to wear their own clothes? My work wardrobe consists of the same shirts I wear on the weekends sans graphics/text, about seven pairs of dress pants/ khakis/ cords, dresses and the occasional crazy, patterned wide-leg pant.
I have a weird habit of waking up at five, peeing, getting dressed as quickly as possible, and going back to sleep until 6:40-6:50. When I get out of bed the second time, I simply have to brush my teeth, hair, wash my face and decide if I have time to put on makeup before I have to leave. So, who knows how wildly unattractive the outfits/ pictures will turn out over time. But it could certainly make for a fun and embarrassing series.
 Monday: Top: Free People (Similar) // Pants: Francessas (Similar) // Sandals
 Tuesday: Sweater: J.Jill // Jacket: TJ Maxx (Similar) // Pants: Ralph Lauren (Similar) // Shoes: Sperry
 Wednesday: Necklace // Shirt // Jacket: Guess // Pants // Shoes
 Thursday:  Jacket // Top // Pants // Shoes: Target (old, Similar)
Friday: Vest // Necklace: Mountz (Similar) // Top: Max Studio // Jeggings // Flats

I have to admit, it was pretty awkward standing against a wall looking at a bright studio light and waiting for the self-timer to go off. I'm hoping I get more used to it as time goes on so I don't have such an RBF/ over-excited fake smile in my future pictures.

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April 8, 2016

Flair Game

Pins, brooches, or now what we call "flair" have made a pretty huge comeback recently and I can't tell you how excited I am about it. I remember going to Hot Topic with my mom in middle school so I could pick out pins from the jars on the counter to cover the strap and flap of my black Tinkerbell messenger bag. The pins ranged from snarky sayings, to Care Bears, to Happy Bunny, to my favorite bands of the time to Disney characters. I might have moved on from my messenger bag, but I still have all of my pins tucked away in a container in my closet awaiting their comeback. 
Lately, I've been finding some amazing artists who have designed a variety of enamel pins and I want to buy them all and cover my jean jacket. If I had an unlimited budget to spend on pins and patches, I would. But unfortunately I have to take it two-three pins at a time for now. I gathered some of my current favorites from various artists/shops below.

Any favorites you would want to add to your flair collection?

Thanks for stopping by! xo 

April 6, 2016

Currently Streaming

When I moved out and found an apartment, I also had to look at cable/internet packages with Service Electric Cablevision. I had Service Electric in college and wasn't a fan, but they offered a package with cable, On Demand, and relatively reliable internet for $50/ month. It was great to have such a low fee that we split four ways, but it turns out there's no such discount once you move out of the college town and are an "adult" After paying so little for semi-reliable service, I couldn't bring myself to pay for the "adult" packages and ended up only purchasing an overpriced internet plan along with a Netflix account. I've been flying through all of the shows I knew I wanted to watch/ re-watch so my question for you is what are your must-see shows on Netflix?
Let me fill you in on what I've already watched:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Growing up I was obsessed with Buffy. I remember watching the new episodes with my parents and thinking I was a slayer and jumping around trying to imitate the slayer stunts. Try not to judge that last statement, I was a child for heaven sake.  I was so excited to see this as an option and would get sucked in to the next episode hours after I planned to go to sleep. I cried when it was over and started Angel just to get a little more Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz in my life, but I haven't fully invested myself in it yet.
Gossip Girl- I watched most of Gossip Girl when it was on in high school and vividly remember talking on the phone with my best friend throughout the episodes obsessing over the "scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite" while tossing our own high school drama into the conversations. I never finished the series but had the ending spoiled for me. I was so excited to see it on Netflix and binged the show. I even watched when we were in Bordeaux. I wasn't disappointed with the ending despite the fact that I knew exactly what was coming.
One Tree Hill- Following Gossip Girl, I craved another drama and found One Tree Hill. I started watching OTH in high school during the fourth season, was really into it, then just forgot about it. This time around, to Kyle's dismay, I stayed hooked and didn't know what to do with myself when I finally finished.
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- I moved onto this comedy after hearing rave reviews. I loved and laughed my way through this silly little show. I can't wait for it's return on April 15th.
Charmed- Every summer growing up I would watch Charmed at 9AM while I ate my breakfast. I had seen a lot of the episodes, but I had never watched the complete series. I decided to watch it and wasn't disappointed.
Jessica Jones- I was absolutely clueless as to what I was going to watch after Charmed so I texted my friend and she suggested Jessica Jones. I'm not super into comic books or super heroes but I flew through the season and was disappointed there weren't more episodes. The good news is that Marvel and Netflix confirmed a second season, bad news is there aren't any details on its release.
Dexter- This came up as a suggested show when I finished Jessica Jones so I gave it a shot. I was obsessed. Not quite as bad as my Breaking Bad obsession-I watched all five seasons in four and a half days in college. I left my room and slept as little as possible during those four and a half days. During Dexter on the other hand, I had a job so I couldn't exactly binge day and night. But all the cliffhangers would drive me to watch "just the first 10 minutes" aka the whole next episode before going to bed. I was SO upset by the ending, as everyone warned me I would be. But I would absolutely watch it again.
Friends- I also grew up with Friends because my mom was a fanatic. In college, I would watch it whenever it was on but never watched the full series. I couldn't get enough of it. I was so disappointed with ending but mostly because it was over and I didn't get to look at that adorable apartment or Central Perk anymore.

I tried to watch Psych and Lost but couldn't get into them. I love trashy dramas full of bad acting and ludicrous situations. Comedies don't always hold my interest but are good for when I come home from school and need a good laugh.

So now you're up. What are your favorites? I need recommendations!

April 1, 2016

His and Hers Weekend Wear

Last Saturday Kyle, Bailey, and I went out and ran some errands with my mom in the afternoon. After we dropped Bailey off at work, my parents, Kyle and I went to dinner at CafĂ© Bruges, one of our favorite restaurants in Carlisle. When we left the restaurant, I had a very specific image in my head that I wanted to capture for an Instagram of Kyle and me from the waist down. That being said, I wasn't clear the first time I asked my dad to take the photo and got the picture below. The second time I explained and handed the phone over, however, I got exactly what I imagined with an even better backdrop. There's some take away about giving explicit instructions/descriptions that I could probably gain from that experience. Regardless, thanks for the great snaps dad.  
 Disclaimer: these shoes do come untied if I don't double-knot them which can slow me down a bit. I got suckered into one of the "buy more save more" deals at target and bought these flatsa floppy hatthis vesta belt, and a crochet tank top because, how could I possibly pass up a good sale? I basically live in these flats and vest now, especially on the weekends.
Unfortunately my top is from Free People a few seasons ago and I can't find a similar option but I've tagged the rest of my look below.

Shop Kyle's Look:

Have a great weekend! xo
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