March 30, 2016

Norwegian Days Pt 2

Today I'm finally sharing part two of my Norway photos (see part one). I find myself looking at these photos pretty often but I think I've put off posting them because it was a little over six months ago and I can hardly believe it's been that long since I've seen Tina. We had pretty typical Norwegian weather where it would be rainy, then beautiful, then rainy again. We took the day to visit the viking museum, Vigeland’s Park (a bunch of naked sculptures), the most adorable little village, and walked along a candlelit path listening to musicians along the way.
The museum had full-size viking ships and various remnants. The details were amazing but what was really interesting was the fact that the pieces were not originally preserved correctly and began decaying within their displays.
 Vigeland’s Park contains 212 bronze and granite sculptures of humans in various poses. One of the most famous being this baby throwing a temper tantrum pictured above. The baby's hand was stolen and had to be replaced which is why one fist is a different color. My favorite part about the sculptures were that they weren't idealized. They showed true human forms in all of their variety and natural beauty.

This exclusive village in Oslo boasts the cutest little homes of varying colors and landscaping. Some of the homes had fruit growing out front with signs saying to try some. I only wish I would have taken photos of every home because they were all too adorable to describe. But you can see more of Hjemmets Kolonihager here!
We walked along the rushing water in a mob of locals listening to musicians. Despite it down pouring, we continued our trek towards Oslo's largest waterfall. My shoes are still coated in some Norwegian mud but I can't bring myself to clean them. Again, thankfully the Boe's were kind enough to let us borrow rain jackets because that's what ultimately saved my camera from the water.
I so wish I had worn my Fitbit on this trip, I am curious just how much we walked. I'm not sure if it felt like a lot because I'm used to driving just about everywhere or if we really walked a hefty amount. That just gives me one more reason to go back though. 
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