February 24, 2016


It's been a busy couple of weeks (as usual) and I've been trying to balance finishing my apartment, working with a new group of students, and trying to have a social life and I pushed off blogging due to a lack of inspiration. However, I rounded up some content to share over the next few days starting with a few snaps from last weekend celebrating my birthday with my family and Kyle. 

Twenty-two was such a wonderful year of my life. It was filled with so many opportunities and experiences. I student taught in two fabulous school districts that filled me with a voracious love for education. I was offered a position as a high school photography teacher and became certified for art education and technology education. I traveled thousands of miles to visit new countries and I was able to move out of my parent's home and live in my very own apartment. It will be a hard year to top, but I can't wait to see what twenty-three has in store.
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  1. You sure are growing up to fast. I still love you. Mimi and Pap


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