February 29, 2016

February Recap

Wait, what? Tomorrow is already March? I'm sorry, I must have blinked. 
Scroll on for some snaps and musings from this month:
For Valentine's Day, I got up relatively early to make funfetti pancakes. Of course, I failed to read the serving size and I made enough pancakes for eight to ten people.. Literal pancakes for days. 
 February brought an awful lot of rain which gave me a waterfront property for a nice price.

This month I realized how seriously unmotivated and uninspired I have been lately. I haven't wanted to pick up a pen/ pencil/ brush and just doodle, or sketch, or create anything at all. The most creative I've gotten was my daily teaching outfits that I had no desire to photograph. The more I thought about it, the more upset I became. I am still so used to being told that I have to photograph this specific subject matter, draw/ paint a still life, or write a paper analyzing a work of art that might not have had any intended deeper meaning. It's a strange and terrifying feeling to be in total control of what I produce, if anything at all. My focus has been mostly photo-based as I try to come up with engaging assignments for three levels of high school students, without completely borrowing all of the wonderful projects written by my high school photography teacher. I have a confession to make, I was letting myself get so upset every time I would go back to the darkroom and find that my students were leaving photo paper all over the place. I started to collect the photo paper, initially I wanted to make a point to show them how much material was being wasted on a day to day basis. Instead, I had this idea to turn the lemons into lemonade and weave the scraps I had been finding into new a new piece of paper. From here, I began making test strips to estimate the exposure time necessary before making the print. I noticed after developing that some of the paper had already been exposed to light and came out darker. Then I dipped another piece of paper into the developer for my next experimental work in progress.
Anyone else having far too much fun with the Snapchat filters? I just have one, two-part question, who's idea was it for the face swap filter, and can we be friends?
On a far more important note than any of this, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar and what better way could there be to end the month?!

What was the highlight of your month?
Thanks for stopping by! xo

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