January 27, 2016

Snowed In with #BlizzardJonas

Last week, the major topic of conversation was the impending snowstorm. Like any great procrastinator, I waited until Thursday to buy a shovel-only after my mom called and insisted I go when we get off the phone. I originally planned to wait until I got off from work Friday to stop by Lowe's and pick up a shovel, and pick up some groceries just in case we actually got slammed with snow and I couldn't leave. I looked outside after mom texted me to see where I was on Friday and it was barely flurrying. Within an hour, I looked out again and there was already a thin covering.
 I woke up on Saturday morning, looked outside and realized how heavily the snow came down overnight. Then I had the brilliant realization that I left the shovel I bought on Thursday in the car. I know, it did me a whole lot of good being out there.
I planned to make a snapstory narrating my weekend snowed in.. but then it slipped my mind. Instead, I documented my journey to get the shovel for my mom, sister, and Kyle.
"All bundled up to get the shovel from my car!"
 "This isn't so bad."
 "Nevermind. It's up to my knees, but I got the shovel!"
Sunday morning, I woke up and knew I was going to have to clear off my car in case I had school the next day. I got up, put on as many layers as I could, then I stepped out the front door. At this point, I realized I was going to have to clear a path from my front door eventually, so I put in my headphone and got to work. Once I made a decent path, I went out to see what I was going to have to clear to get my car out.
 There was a lot more snow behind my car than I anticipated. I snapped a picture and immediately got to shoveling. About 20 minutes into shoveling, I took a break and tried to make a snapstory of my shoveling experience. Then my phone shut off at 33% and acted like it was dead. I continued shoveling another hour before I took a break to grab my portable charger and a bottle of water. 
I spent roughly three hours clearing my car and the snow around it. I selfishly went inside and prayed for at least a two hour delay because my back and shoulders were already screaming at me. Shortly after, I got a call from the school saying the district would be closed Monday. The next day, I got another call from the school saying the district would be closed Tuesday. 
I did not document how I spent my Monday or Tuesday. Truthfully, it wasn't pretty. Since I came in and got cleaned up after shoveling on Sunday, I camped out on the couch and binged on Dexter and chocolate.
As much as I enjoyed the extra time to relax and clean my apartment, I'm thankful to be back at school today (especially after a two hour delay).

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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