January 18, 2016

2016 Goals

I'm not sure how, but I missed Charpology's second anniversary earlier this month. I started this blog as a means of finding my voice. As one of forty Art Education majors accepted at Kutztown a semester, I found it hard to compete with my classmates and even harder to befriend them. It took me a couple of semesters before I realized we weren't all going after exactly the same job. Sure, education is a competitive field. Art education is even more competitive with districts cutting their arts programs, but I met some incredible people through the art department in Kutztown. My professors and classmates encouraged (and, obviously, discouraged) me as I worked to find my voice and got a bit personal on the internet.
I've followed bloggers since I was a senior in high school. I've been inspired by them and they truly helped me to develop my personal style. I know how powerful words and pictures can be and how important it is to be careful how I construct my posts. I became a bit anxious as I found out some of my students found my blog. Then I remembered the conversation I had with one of my favorite college professors (later my early field/ student teaching practicum advisor) about my blog before it was even created. We discussed how I would feel about my employer finding my blog and whether or not it would upset me if it prevented me from attaining employment. My response then and now is that my blog is an extension of me. I feel it is an added piece to my resumé and if it helps make a decision about whether or not I'm a fit for a position, I'm still proud of it. I'm happy to have found an outlet that teaches me to be cautious but also allows me to express (and laugh at) myself. 
Is it too late in the month to talk about the new year?  I've never really been one for New Year's Resolution's, because I know the likelihood of keeping them is slim. I'm more into the idea of making goals because I can set "checkpoints" and make them feel more attainable. This year I've set several goals I plan to work towards in 2016:
Take better care of myself: I'll be 23 in just over a month and I feel like it's about time for me to act a bit more like an adult. Develop a strong skincare routine, cut back on the bacon (booo) and junk food, and work on creating and maintaining a budget. 
Learn to cook: This is a big one that goes hand in hand with taking better care of myself. My current cooking skills are slim to none; simple breakfast foods, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, rice, buffalo chicken dip. Nothing very substantial, nothing very healthy. So, I'll have to pick up a cookbook or two, turn to Pinterest, make lists, really plan before I go to the grocery store, and learn from trial and error. I couldn't be any more excited.
Read more often: As I mentioned a few months ago, I miss unplugging from the world of technology and picking up a good book. I have yet to finish my summer reading list... oops... but I plan to pick up where I left off and cut back on my incessant Netflix binge (once I finish Dexter).
Be more decisive: I have the most difficult time making decisions. Decision making becomes even more difficult for me when there are other people involved. I think I partially worry about the other person/people not agreeing with the decision but also, I will be content no matter what the other person/people chooses. That being said, it wouldn't hurt for me to work on my decision making skills so it doesn't take Kyle and I an extra 45 minutes to eat on Friday night.
Explore new places: I've lived on my own in a "new" place for about five months now and I haven't really ventured out of my apartment to check out the area-besides hitting up my favorites; Target, TJMaxx, and Marshalls.
What about you? Did you make any resolutions or set goals? 
Thanks for Stopping by! xo


  1. Well it just so happens that one of your best friends is a chef...I know one of things we're doing when I visit!

    1. Oh Megan, please, PLEASE teach me to cook (and come visit!!!)! My skills are far too basic... Kyle and I could starve if I don't learn more.


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