November 13, 2015

Pupdate: Fall Style

Happy Friday! When I walked in the door at my parent's house last weekend, not only was I over the moon with excitement to fee my family and the dogs, but the pups seemed just as excited that I was home. Macey had a serious burst of energy, the most I've seen from her in years, actually. I got myself super excited for the opportunity to have Bailey take outfit photos (I'm still not totally familiar with where I live and don't know where to go for pictures yet) but, I totally forgot about day light savings and didn't account for the earlier sunset. Right before we left, I had this brilliant idea for Kyle to snap a few cutesy photos of me with the pups. Of course, they had something different in mind-totally ignore Courtney's pleas for cooperation and sniff around at the fence instead. So, here's the very few photos where they are almost cooperating.

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Have a Great Weekend! xo

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