November 11, 2015

Mom's Surprise 50

 This past Sunday was my mom's (gasp) 50th birthday and we pulled together a little surprise party to show her how much we love her. We were very sneaky, you see. I went out to run some errands (aka shop) with my mom Saturday afternoon and was tasked with keeping her busy until 5:30... a mere five and a half hours from when we left the house. Mom and I have easily done this in the past so this was only difficult because I had to keep her out without her knowing I was keeping her away from the house. 
While we were out, Kyle and Bailey were in charge of gathering and preparing the food for the party since dad had surgery on his foot Thursday. I hear this was quite the difficult task from the little birdie who had to drive around and gather food in an unfamiliar store and restaurant hours away from home while trying to keep dad happy. What a trooper. ;) 
 The surprise was a success up until my mom spotted my grandparents' car in the driveway and knew all of those cars in the street must belong to our house as well. Oh, I wish you could have heard her exact reaction. This is a woman who hates surprises, though she really seemed to enjoy it once she saw her friends and family in the basement.
 My best friend even made an appearance, after the surprise because she couldn't handle that kind of excitement. We sat in the midst of the drinking adults and felt like we were in a movie as we watched what we believe will be our future.
 Lily was incredibly well-behaved, I'm not sure she knew what to make of all of the people.
 ^Bailey took a lot of pictures of Janice, Mom and I but none of the pictures summed us up so perfectly as this beauty above. ^
 Though, Bailey did get a great shot of us as well.
 Macey was eating up all of the attention she could get, one happy pup.
Mmmmm, Wegman's Ultimate White Cake.

What I Wore:
Other Blanket Scarves I'm Loving:

Don't worry mom, you still don't look a day over 30 and we love you.
Thanks for Stopping by! xo
Special thanks to Bailey for letting me steal all of the photos you took.

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