November 22, 2015

Longchamp Weekender

Before we even left for France, I had my mind set on the idea that I was going to buy a new Longchamp. I already have the medium Le Piliage and love it and I was sure I was going to buy another color or a backpack. 
I've loved the convenience of these bags since my sophomore year of high school when our French exchange student unfolded- yes, unfolded-her weekender for a quick trip to the lake. While Bailey was in France two summers ago, she picked up a weekender as well, and I loved it. Its only downfall in my book was that it has a tiny strap that doesn't fit on your shoulder, which is a must for me. 
On our way to Bordeaux, we had a few hour layover in Amsterdam and mom and I found a duty free shop that sold Longchamp, among other designers, at incredible prices. But, I couldn't make up my mind and figured I would definitely be able to find something in France. I believe it was actually our first day in Bordeaux that mom and I found a gallery (aka French Macys) and lo and behold, it had its very own Longchamp section. Of course, I wanted every single bag, but I had to think practically. I considered a few options, but I kept coming back to the Expandable Longchamp Weekender. Mom was looking at buying the men's version for my dad's birthday which is what spurred my desire. I decided on the red garance and couldn't be happier with my choice.
I love that I can unzip it for a larger size. In fact, when I went home a couple of weekends ago, I was able to pack a lot into this bad boy. By a lot I mean: 7 long sleeve shirts, 2 button downs, 2 chunky sweaters, 1 denim vest, 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 7 pairs of tights, 7 knee-high socks, 5 pairs of crew socks all with room to spare.
Fellow over-packers, invest in this fabulous weekender.
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Which style is your favorite?

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