November 20, 2015

Life In Square Photos

Happy Friday! I'm way too excited for this weekend. My mom is coming for a girl's night tomorrow and I'm having my first non-family/Kyle friend over to visit !
Kyle and I went bowling last weekend and I got my butt kicked three games in a row-I never even broke 100. My tragic flaw is my inability to aim.
 I've had a real craving for a Sonic Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog and now that I had one, I want even more. 
Have you heard about DAVIDsTEA? It's an awesome (super affordable!!!) tea company with over 150 flavors. When I first walked into the store at King of Prussia Mall, I was so overwhelmed by all of the choices but the employees were so friendly and helpful in narrowing down to my taste preferences. They had a dessert collection in the summer and I bought Birthday Cake (pictured above) and Cotton Candy. I love that there's little sprinkles in the Birthday Cake and the Cotton Candy has dried mangoes and cotton candy crunch pieces. It's the perfect excuse for dessert any time of day and it's like a party in your cup.  Read more about the company and shop the winter collection.

I don't want to admit how hard I laughed when I put my Halos in a pear shaped terrarium and thought to myself "what a perfect fruit bowl". But I kind of loved the way they looked in it rather than the netted bag sitting on my counter.

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