November 9, 2015

Life in Square Photos

My life has been feeling pretty routine lately. Wake up, get dressed, go to school, come home, grade, watch binge a show on Netflix (I'm currently switching between Charmed, Angel and Bob's Burgers..I've been pretty fickel), make a tomato salad, watch some more Netflix, cook something that will yield leftovers for lunch, scour Pinterest for apartment inspiration, then go to bed. YAWN. So, I'm trying to switch it up a bit and throw in some drawing/creating again (oh, how I've missed making things) and trying to get back into fitness. I love my Roku TV because I have so many options for personalized channels and I don't need cable. I started beginners yogalates and it's a blast for me. I hate going to the gym because I feel like I'm the most awkward person when I'm not trying to do something that requires coordination and this way I can do everything in the privacy and comfort of my own living room. 
 Just my one and only pumpkin picture of the season. Kyle and I weren't very festive this year aside from going to a halloween party in some very last minute costumes (Blair Waldorf and the Brawny Man). 
 Kyle and I went to Ikea last weekend to pick up some things for the apartment-of course I conveniently forgot my list and now we have to go back-and I discovered they now sell Swedish candy in the marketplace. When we were in Norway, I tried these sour skulls and loved them, but of course I didn't buy any to bring home. Low and behold, Ikea now sells them and I officially have a reason to visit more often. 
 One of my favorite places to find pieces for my apartment (besides Homegoods and Marshalls, of course) has been flea markets. My mom and I found this metal shelf for $1, dad gave it a fresh coat of  gold paint and now it hangs above my coffee stand home to some of my favorite mugs and plants.
 I've been missing this little lady (and Macey) and drawing so much that I put together a little drawing to add to my living room gallery wall. 
I went to visit my grandmother and aunt and saw this Moravian Star hanging in the kitchen. I instantly fell in love. When we moved them out of their house, my parents gave me the light and my dad created a plug/switch for it. The first time it was ever lit, in the 50 years it has been in our family, was in my apartment. My dad built a beautiful copper stand for it and it now lives in my apartment as my main light source and I have the pleasure of looking at it every day. I'm at the point now where I'm trying to decorate and make some final furniture decisions, and I can't wait to finish and show you all (I know I've been saying that forever now).

Links to Procrastinate with:
Speaking about creating, I've been searching for inspiration all across the internet and stumbled upon this beautiful art form.
Now I just need Hogwarts to really exist so I can become the new, uh, moving painting professor.
Speaking of Harry Potter, marriage managed #SorryFutureHusband.
Is anyone else watching AHS: Hotel? Have you read the disturbing history behind the season yet?
Please, tell me one more time how I look like a high school student.

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