November 16, 2015

Handwritten Font

You might have noticed, Charpology got a little bit of a mini makeover this weekend. Nothing too big or fancy, just a new header and a stationary photo in the sidebar. But, the silly thing is, I've been working on this makeover since mid-July, yikes. 
I began designing a logo over the summer with the intentions of finally making business cards, but I was just oh-so-indecisive. I began doodling a design for the "CH" over, and over, and over, and over again until it was nearly perfect. I was so excited to scan it into the computer and get to work on some minor Photoshop touch-ups, but I just couldn't decide what to do to finish and include "arpology" while still having a simple, legible header. So, poor little "CH" just sat on the back burner for months waiting for me to come back to it. Last week, it suddenly came to me that I had already made a font out of my handwriting-oh yes, it's as awesome as it sounds- and I could use this to complete the header and make it seem cohesive. 
I played around with retouching and font sizes in Photoshop and took this original partial design... this final product:

In case anyone else is as excited as I was to learn how to create a font of your own handwriting, simply follow these steps:
Download the PDF from here and print a few copies-it took me a few attempts to get it just right.
Carefully write out the letters within the guidelines
Scan the PDF
Upload file to MyScriptFont. Name your font and click start.
Once you approve your preview, you can download your font, find it on your computer, and drag it into Font Book.

You can use your font just like any other font, re-size, change the color, all that jazz! Just make sure to save Word Documents as PDFs or it won't open on another computer..


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