November 4, 2015

Bordeaux Casual

 I'm finally sharing what I wore and some photos from our trip...over a month late.
I kind of forgot to take outfit pictures while we were there because the streets all around our hotel were bustling and crowded and I didn't want to hold things up or have more people walk and stop in front of the camera (as you'll see in later photos) and I was just taking in all of the sights.
Part of me feels like the whole experience was a dream-probably because it always has been a dream of mine..(yeah, I really just said that #SorryNotSorry), which has made it so hard to go back and look at the photos. We also did so much in a day (including plenty of shopping, duh) that it's hard to remember exactly what happened each day without looking at my camera's metadata. One day I will learn the language so I can go back and speak somewhat fluently and not stare blankly at waiters and salespeople only to mumble je ne sais pas... parlez-vous Anglais? But, for now, here's some of the photos from our beautiful hotel and the day mom, Kyle and I walked around for three hours looking for Starbucks only to discover it is closed on Sundays.
 Kyle& my room (along with the rest of the hotel) was oh-so-breathtakingly-beautiful. I'm inspired by mixing of patterns, textures, and colors as I continue searching for furniture/ decorating my apartment.
 ^I will forever love trying to snap pictures of Kyle and trying to catch him smiling.^
 One of my favorite things to do while we were abroad was to "casually" photobomb my parents' and Kyle's photos. I always made sure I walked in and stared intently into the camera.
There was the most beautiful reflecting pool not far from the hotel where kids and pups would splash and play and when the water would recycle, there would be a brief, but oh-so-beautiful, period of mist. I swear I could have sat here for hours and watched people (and pets).
Edit: OOPS! I collected similar styles for this look and completely forgot to post them..
Tee: Forever 21 (Similar) // Jeans // Converse // Sunnies // Scarf: J.Crew

Shop Similar Styles:
Some Patterned Scarves I'm Loving:

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Side Note: The first marking period just ended and I've been busy busy busy trying to catch up on grading and getting things ready for report cards. I'll try to get another post up soon I've just been exhausted/ not totally in the blogging mindset/ avoiding looking at the pictures of our beautiful adventure. Thanks for bearing with me!

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