November 18, 2015

A few of my FaveART Pieces

Despite what the following picture may lead you to believe (I took this on a very bright, sunny afternoon), my apartment is dark and doesn't get much natural light.  This makes it very difficult to photograph and show true colors of things but, I'm trying to brighten things up in a way.
I've been busily curating pieces to create a gallery wall above my couch in addition with trying to fill up my oh-so-very blank walls with art descriptive of my personality. Currently, I have only bought this adorable little guy and a hashtag similar to this one. The rest of the gallery is comp drawings and photographs I created over the last few years and an oil painting done by my great aunt. I can't wait to finish framing and hang them all so I can stop looking at blank white walls.
I'm still undecided about the walls in the rest of my apartment but I'm loving these prints:
The "if I had an unlimited budget collection":

Which print(s) is/are your favorite? I'm dying for this Warhol Print.


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