November 23, 2015

The Grand Hotel de Bordeaux

 I'm sharing another look from Bordeaux today. The Grand Hotel de Bordeaux had the most beautiful little details everywhere you turned, so, of course, I had to take some photos in the stairway outside of our room. My wardrobe for the trip was monochromatic-90% of what I packed was black or white-but added pops of color with my lip color and classic striped button down.  
These heels are also my absolute favorite. I can comfortably wear them for an entire school day and they only make me want to buy more Sam Edelman heels for my collection.
Button Down // Faux Leather Leggings (Similar) // Heels: Sam Edelman (Past Season-Similar)

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November 22, 2015

Longchamp Weekender

Before we even left for France, I had my mind set on the idea that I was going to buy a new Longchamp. I already have the medium Le Piliage and love it and I was sure I was going to buy another color or a backpack. 
I've loved the convenience of these bags since my sophomore year of high school when our French exchange student unfolded- yes, unfolded-her weekender for a quick trip to the lake. While Bailey was in France two summers ago, she picked up a weekender as well, and I loved it. Its only downfall in my book was that it has a tiny strap that doesn't fit on your shoulder, which is a must for me. 
On our way to Bordeaux, we had a few hour layover in Amsterdam and mom and I found a duty free shop that sold Longchamp, among other designers, at incredible prices. But, I couldn't make up my mind and figured I would definitely be able to find something in France. I believe it was actually our first day in Bordeaux that mom and I found a gallery (aka French Macys) and lo and behold, it had its very own Longchamp section. Of course, I wanted every single bag, but I had to think practically. I considered a few options, but I kept coming back to the Expandable Longchamp Weekender. Mom was looking at buying the men's version for my dad's birthday which is what spurred my desire. I decided on the red garance and couldn't be happier with my choice.
I love that I can unzip it for a larger size. In fact, when I went home a couple of weekends ago, I was able to pack a lot into this bad boy. By a lot I mean: 7 long sleeve shirts, 2 button downs, 2 chunky sweaters, 1 denim vest, 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 7 pairs of tights, 7 knee-high socks, 5 pairs of crew socks all with room to spare.
Fellow over-packers, invest in this fabulous weekender.
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Which style is your favorite?

November 20, 2015

Life In Square Photos

Happy Friday! I'm way too excited for this weekend. My mom is coming for a girl's night tomorrow and I'm having my first non-family/Kyle friend over to visit !
Kyle and I went bowling last weekend and I got my butt kicked three games in a row-I never even broke 100. My tragic flaw is my inability to aim.
 I've had a real craving for a Sonic Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog and now that I had one, I want even more. 
Have you heard about DAVIDsTEA? It's an awesome (super affordable!!!) tea company with over 150 flavors. When I first walked into the store at King of Prussia Mall, I was so overwhelmed by all of the choices but the employees were so friendly and helpful in narrowing down to my taste preferences. They had a dessert collection in the summer and I bought Birthday Cake (pictured above) and Cotton Candy. I love that there's little sprinkles in the Birthday Cake and the Cotton Candy has dried mangoes and cotton candy crunch pieces. It's the perfect excuse for dessert any time of day and it's like a party in your cup.  Read more about the company and shop the winter collection.

I don't want to admit how hard I laughed when I put my Halos in a pear shaped terrarium and thought to myself "what a perfect fruit bowl". But I kind of loved the way they looked in it rather than the netted bag sitting on my counter.

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November 18, 2015

A few of my FaveART Pieces

Despite what the following picture may lead you to believe (I took this on a very bright, sunny afternoon), my apartment is dark and doesn't get much natural light.  This makes it very difficult to photograph and show true colors of things but, I'm trying to brighten things up in a way.
I've been busily curating pieces to create a gallery wall above my couch in addition with trying to fill up my oh-so-very blank walls with art descriptive of my personality. Currently, I have only bought this adorable little guy and a hashtag similar to this one. The rest of the gallery is comp drawings and photographs I created over the last few years and an oil painting done by my great aunt. I can't wait to finish framing and hang them all so I can stop looking at blank white walls.
I'm still undecided about the walls in the rest of my apartment but I'm loving these prints:
The "if I had an unlimited budget collection":

Which print(s) is/are your favorite? I'm dying for this Warhol Print.


November 16, 2015

Handwritten Font

You might have noticed, Charpology got a little bit of a mini makeover this weekend. Nothing too big or fancy, just a new header and a stationary photo in the sidebar. But, the silly thing is, I've been working on this makeover since mid-July, yikes. 
I began designing a logo over the summer with the intentions of finally making business cards, but I was just oh-so-indecisive. I began doodling a design for the "CH" over, and over, and over, and over again until it was nearly perfect. I was so excited to scan it into the computer and get to work on some minor Photoshop touch-ups, but I just couldn't decide what to do to finish and include "arpology" while still having a simple, legible header. So, poor little "CH" just sat on the back burner for months waiting for me to come back to it. Last week, it suddenly came to me that I had already made a font out of my handwriting-oh yes, it's as awesome as it sounds- and I could use this to complete the header and make it seem cohesive. 
I played around with retouching and font sizes in Photoshop and took this original partial design... this final product:

In case anyone else is as excited as I was to learn how to create a font of your own handwriting, simply follow these steps:
Download the PDF from here and print a few copies-it took me a few attempts to get it just right.
Carefully write out the letters within the guidelines
Scan the PDF
Upload file to MyScriptFont. Name your font and click start.
Once you approve your preview, you can download your font, find it on your computer, and drag it into Font Book.

You can use your font just like any other font, re-size, change the color, all that jazz! Just make sure to save Word Documents as PDFs or it won't open on another computer..


November 13, 2015

Pupdate: Fall Style

Happy Friday! When I walked in the door at my parent's house last weekend, not only was I over the moon with excitement to fee my family and the dogs, but the pups seemed just as excited that I was home. Macey had a serious burst of energy, the most I've seen from her in years, actually. I got myself super excited for the opportunity to have Bailey take outfit photos (I'm still not totally familiar with where I live and don't know where to go for pictures yet) but, I totally forgot about day light savings and didn't account for the earlier sunset. Right before we left, I had this brilliant idea for Kyle to snap a few cutesy photos of me with the pups. Of course, they had something different in mind-totally ignore Courtney's pleas for cooperation and sniff around at the fence instead. So, here's the very few photos where they are almost cooperating.

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November 12, 2015

Online Window Shopping

I'm under strict instruction by my mom not to buy myself anything else until after Christmas, (I've already spoiled two of my gifts by buying them for myself...oops) but I'm barraged with emails about incredible sales multiple times a day. So, I have to be satisfied with online window shopping and sharing my favorite things with all of you to tempt you into buying things instead.
I've also begun building various gift guides to shop for loved ones which I'll be sharing later. I can't believe it's already mid November, this year has being flying.
Nordstrom Fall Clearance (up to 40% off until November 15)
White House Black Market Extra 25% Off and Free Shipping (until November 15) with code 47302
Free People is offering free shipping with no minimum (until November 15), perfect opportunity to pick up a few sale pieces under $100

Happy Shopping! xo

November 11, 2015

Mom's Surprise 50

 This past Sunday was my mom's (gasp) 50th birthday and we pulled together a little surprise party to show her how much we love her. We were very sneaky, you see. I went out to run some errands (aka shop) with my mom Saturday afternoon and was tasked with keeping her busy until 5:30... a mere five and a half hours from when we left the house. Mom and I have easily done this in the past so this was only difficult because I had to keep her out without her knowing I was keeping her away from the house. 
While we were out, Kyle and Bailey were in charge of gathering and preparing the food for the party since dad had surgery on his foot Thursday. I hear this was quite the difficult task from the little birdie who had to drive around and gather food in an unfamiliar store and restaurant hours away from home while trying to keep dad happy. What a trooper. ;) 
 The surprise was a success up until my mom spotted my grandparents' car in the driveway and knew all of those cars in the street must belong to our house as well. Oh, I wish you could have heard her exact reaction. This is a woman who hates surprises, though she really seemed to enjoy it once she saw her friends and family in the basement.
 My best friend even made an appearance, after the surprise because she couldn't handle that kind of excitement. We sat in the midst of the drinking adults and felt like we were in a movie as we watched what we believe will be our future.
 Lily was incredibly well-behaved, I'm not sure she knew what to make of all of the people.
 ^Bailey took a lot of pictures of Janice, Mom and I but none of the pictures summed us up so perfectly as this beauty above. ^
 Though, Bailey did get a great shot of us as well.
 Macey was eating up all of the attention she could get, one happy pup.
Mmmmm, Wegman's Ultimate White Cake.

What I Wore:
Other Blanket Scarves I'm Loving:

Don't worry mom, you still don't look a day over 30 and we love you.
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Special thanks to Bailey for letting me steal all of the photos you took.

November 9, 2015

Life in Square Photos

My life has been feeling pretty routine lately. Wake up, get dressed, go to school, come home, grade, watch binge a show on Netflix (I'm currently switching between Charmed, Angel and Bob's Burgers..I've been pretty fickel), make a tomato salad, watch some more Netflix, cook something that will yield leftovers for lunch, scour Pinterest for apartment inspiration, then go to bed. YAWN. So, I'm trying to switch it up a bit and throw in some drawing/creating again (oh, how I've missed making things) and trying to get back into fitness. I love my Roku TV because I have so many options for personalized channels and I don't need cable. I started beginners yogalates and it's a blast for me. I hate going to the gym because I feel like I'm the most awkward person when I'm not trying to do something that requires coordination and this way I can do everything in the privacy and comfort of my own living room. 
 Just my one and only pumpkin picture of the season. Kyle and I weren't very festive this year aside from going to a halloween party in some very last minute costumes (Blair Waldorf and the Brawny Man). 
 Kyle and I went to Ikea last weekend to pick up some things for the apartment-of course I conveniently forgot my list and now we have to go back-and I discovered they now sell Swedish candy in the marketplace. When we were in Norway, I tried these sour skulls and loved them, but of course I didn't buy any to bring home. Low and behold, Ikea now sells them and I officially have a reason to visit more often. 
 One of my favorite places to find pieces for my apartment (besides Homegoods and Marshalls, of course) has been flea markets. My mom and I found this metal shelf for $1, dad gave it a fresh coat of  gold paint and now it hangs above my coffee stand home to some of my favorite mugs and plants.
 I've been missing this little lady (and Macey) and drawing so much that I put together a little drawing to add to my living room gallery wall. 
I went to visit my grandmother and aunt and saw this Moravian Star hanging in the kitchen. I instantly fell in love. When we moved them out of their house, my parents gave me the light and my dad created a plug/switch for it. The first time it was ever lit, in the 50 years it has been in our family, was in my apartment. My dad built a beautiful copper stand for it and it now lives in my apartment as my main light source and I have the pleasure of looking at it every day. I'm at the point now where I'm trying to decorate and make some final furniture decisions, and I can't wait to finish and show you all (I know I've been saying that forever now).

Links to Procrastinate with:
Speaking about creating, I've been searching for inspiration all across the internet and stumbled upon this beautiful art form.
Now I just need Hogwarts to really exist so I can become the new, uh, moving painting professor.
Speaking of Harry Potter, marriage managed #SorryFutureHusband.
Is anyone else watching AHS: Hotel? Have you read the disturbing history behind the season yet?
Please, tell me one more time how I look like a high school student.

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November 4, 2015

Bordeaux Casual

 I'm finally sharing what I wore and some photos from our trip...over a month late.
I kind of forgot to take outfit pictures while we were there because the streets all around our hotel were bustling and crowded and I didn't want to hold things up or have more people walk and stop in front of the camera (as you'll see in later photos) and I was just taking in all of the sights.
Part of me feels like the whole experience was a dream-probably because it always has been a dream of mine..(yeah, I really just said that #SorryNotSorry), which has made it so hard to go back and look at the photos. We also did so much in a day (including plenty of shopping, duh) that it's hard to remember exactly what happened each day without looking at my camera's metadata. One day I will learn the language so I can go back and speak somewhat fluently and not stare blankly at waiters and salespeople only to mumble je ne sais pas... parlez-vous Anglais? But, for now, here's some of the photos from our beautiful hotel and the day mom, Kyle and I walked around for three hours looking for Starbucks only to discover it is closed on Sundays.
 Kyle& my room (along with the rest of the hotel) was oh-so-breathtakingly-beautiful. I'm inspired by mixing of patterns, textures, and colors as I continue searching for furniture/ decorating my apartment.
 ^I will forever love trying to snap pictures of Kyle and trying to catch him smiling.^
 One of my favorite things to do while we were abroad was to "casually" photobomb my parents' and Kyle's photos. I always made sure I walked in and stared intently into the camera.
There was the most beautiful reflecting pool not far from the hotel where kids and pups would splash and play and when the water would recycle, there would be a brief, but oh-so-beautiful, period of mist. I swear I could have sat here for hours and watched people (and pets).
Edit: OOPS! I collected similar styles for this look and completely forgot to post them..
Tee: Forever 21 (Similar) // Jeans // Converse // Sunnies // Scarf: J.Crew

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Some Patterned Scarves I'm Loving:

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Side Note: The first marking period just ended and I've been busy busy busy trying to catch up on grading and getting things ready for report cards. I'll try to get another post up soon I've just been exhausted/ not totally in the blogging mindset/ avoiding looking at the pictures of our beautiful adventure. Thanks for bearing with me!
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