October 16, 2015

Made in America Day 2

Remember that time (over a month ago) I went to Made in America, said I was going to share my look from Day 2 and never did? Well.. here you are. I wanted so desperately to wear this Gypsy Warrior maxi plaid and went out the day before MIA to find the perfect (p)leather shorts. Which I was able to find for under $20 at H&M. I also found this great color blocked hat that day and new it was a match made in festival heaven. The outfit provided the perfect amount of breezy comfort during the warmer part of the day. The maxi shirt also acted as a personal blanket while I sat on the hot asphalt in the middle of a Philadelphian street and did not budge for 6 hours until I was too hangry to sit around the rude drunks invading my personal space. 
Special thanks again to Kyle who so graciously agreed to be my photographer and remembered to take some candids.. even if there were some sneaky shots of me stuffing my face with Whole Foods Mac and Cheese.
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