October 15, 2015

AptCharp: Living Room Inspiration

I'm back! Sorry for my extreme absence this time, but I've been extremely busy trying to plan/ grade/ make my apartment feel like home. Maybe it comes with time, but I really need to get better at staggering projects between my different classes/ levels so I'm not trying to grade 120 projects and classwork all at the same time and taking forever. 
Anyway, my apartment is still far from feeling complete, mainly due to the massive indecisiveness (and furniture) I've been experiencing. However, I finally (after almost a month and a half of living here) took the plunge and bought a sofa for my living room last Wednesday. What?! Yeah, I'm in shock myself. I can hardly make the decision of what I want to eat half the time, just ask Kyle. But since the beginning of my search for seating, I've been hooked on a certain style of sofa. I'm a massive fan of tufting and nail heads, and I kept coming back to this baby. So, after going into the store... three times...I walked in and said to the salesman "I know exactly what I want." You may remember from my Instagram that I have a pink chair in my living room and you may be thinking you're going to put a blue couch with a pink chair? To which my response is absolutely. I love my pink chair, and I'm a fan of different colored furniture in the same room. At first, I was convinced  I was going to buy a grey sofa and maybe a subtle accent chair. But then, I found my pink chair at Homegoods, regret my decision not to buy it, and went back a few days later to buy it. Then when it came to choosing a sofa, I took to Pinterest and went crazy for the idea for a blue couch with a pink accent chair based on this photo:
  I can't wait for my couch to get here this weekend and to finish decorating soon so I can share photos of the space. But for now, I've rounded up some links to pieces I have/are similar to/I'm loving and considering using in this space.

I promise, eventually, I will get the France/Norway pictures together and share a few posts.
Thank you for being patient with my absences in this period of transition and for stopping by.

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