October 19, 2015

Life in Square Photos

It's been quite a bit since the last Life in Square photos and I'm not even going to try to play catch up on everything that has happened in the last month. Instead, I'll share just a few photos from the last couple of weeks that pretty much sum up what I've been up to.
Before I left for France, I wrote down step by step instructions for different parts of the projects as a visual reminder in addition to the paper handouts and my demonstrations. 
Kyle and I had a taco night which was one of the first meals we cooked together in the apartment. Of course, Kyle had to try some hot fries in his for a little something spicy and crunchy. 
We went over all the parts of a film camera with both levels of photography last week and I'm a little sad that I will have to erase these drawings soon. However, it was all too funny to see my class's and visitors' reactions when they saw the drawings and said things like "you should be an art teacher". I'm glad I've been able to incorporate what I've learned in college (and high school) into my tech ed classroom.  
On Friday, I took 37 high school students (with the aide of two other fabulous chaperones) to Longwood Gardens for an opportunity to take photos for upcoming projects. It was beautiful and we had the perfect weather for exploring the perfectly manicured foliage. Of course, as I was so worried about having film and charged batteries for the students, I forgot to charge my own camera battery. So, my camera died and I was stuck using my phone for the remainder of the day. But hey, the upsides are that we had great weather, the students were over the moon to share the photos they took throughout the day with me, and everyone had a fun day.   
My apartment is still very much in progress, however, my parents came by yesterday to teach Kyle and I how to properly hang things. You know, so they're straight and don't fall off the walls. So, here's a sneak peek of my partially styled bar cart. Interesting story about the bar cart, my mom found it sitting along the side of the road, took it home and sent me a picture of it. I immediately took to Pinterest for color ideas and realized how many bloggers have this exact cart-which made it so much more difficult to decide on paint. I actually didn't decide until mom and I were in the store and we kept going back and forth between neutrals before deciding gold and silver made the most sense for the pieces I would be putting on it. I can't wait to pull the rest of my apartment together and share it with you.


October 16, 2015

Made in America Day 2

Remember that time (over a month ago) I went to Made in America, said I was going to share my look from Day 2 and never did? Well.. here you are. I wanted so desperately to wear this Gypsy Warrior maxi plaid and went out the day before MIA to find the perfect (p)leather shorts. Which I was able to find for under $20 at H&M. I also found this great color blocked hat that day and new it was a match made in festival heaven. The outfit provided the perfect amount of breezy comfort during the warmer part of the day. The maxi shirt also acted as a personal blanket while I sat on the hot asphalt in the middle of a Philadelphian street and did not budge for 6 hours until I was too hangry to sit around the rude drunks invading my personal space. 
Special thanks again to Kyle who so graciously agreed to be my photographer and remembered to take some candids.. even if there were some sneaky shots of me stuffing my face with Whole Foods Mac and Cheese.
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October 15, 2015

AptCharp: Living Room Inspiration

I'm back! Sorry for my extreme absence this time, but I've been extremely busy trying to plan/ grade/ make my apartment feel like home. Maybe it comes with time, but I really need to get better at staggering projects between my different classes/ levels so I'm not trying to grade 120 projects and classwork all at the same time and taking forever. 
Anyway, my apartment is still far from feeling complete, mainly due to the massive indecisiveness (and furniture) I've been experiencing. However, I finally (after almost a month and a half of living here) took the plunge and bought a sofa for my living room last Wednesday. What?! Yeah, I'm in shock myself. I can hardly make the decision of what I want to eat half the time, just ask Kyle. But since the beginning of my search for seating, I've been hooked on a certain style of sofa. I'm a massive fan of tufting and nail heads, and I kept coming back to this baby. So, after going into the store... three times...I walked in and said to the salesman "I know exactly what I want." You may remember from my Instagram that I have a pink chair in my living room and you may be thinking you're going to put a blue couch with a pink chair? To which my response is absolutely. I love my pink chair, and I'm a fan of different colored furniture in the same room. At first, I was convinced  I was going to buy a grey sofa and maybe a subtle accent chair. But then, I found my pink chair at Homegoods, regret my decision not to buy it, and went back a few days later to buy it. Then when it came to choosing a sofa, I took to Pinterest and went crazy for the idea for a blue couch with a pink accent chair based on this photo:
  I can't wait for my couch to get here this weekend and to finish decorating soon so I can share photos of the space. But for now, I've rounded up some links to pieces I have/are similar to/I'm loving and considering using in this space.

I promise, eventually, I will get the France/Norway pictures together and share a few posts.
Thank you for being patient with my absences in this period of transition and for stopping by.
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