September 10, 2015

Made In America Style

 I shared a couple snaps on Instagram (here, here and here) of what I wore for day one of Made in America. It was amazing how slow the connection was (I'm assuming because of the amount of people) and I was only able to upload on Instagram after 30 attempts (no exaggeration). There was no re-admittance into the festival, so once you entered, there was no leaving to go home and change into clean/warm clothes.  In case you're wondering, oh yes, I was hot and sweaty until the sun went down. But I was so thankful for the sleeves and length as it cooled down in the evening.  

Dress // Shoes: Sam& Libby (Similar) // Sunnies // Earrings

Some other embroidered dresses I'm loving:

September 8, 2015

Life in Square Photos 36/52

I'm back after a long, hot weekend with Kyle, the ultimate trooper. We went to Home Goods on Friday and I fell in love with a pink accent chair. I was so bummed when I left without it-so we went back on Sunday for it and Kyle carried it through the store and to the car for me. It's now sitting happily in the corner of my living room and it's great to have the option not to sit on the floor to binge on Gossip Girl.
Now, about Made in America. I'm so glad it wasn't my first festival because I would definitely be turned off by the thought of them. Of course, I always love hearing live music and I was SO impressed with Beyonce's show-SEVEN outfits?! Not to mention the incredible choreography and production. If I wasn't a massive fan of her before... I think I get all the hype now. I also discovered I was a bigger fan of Big Sean than I realized as I sang along to all of the songs. Kyle and I found a semi-clean place to sit during De La Soul and it was great to have time to stretch out and save some energy for the later shows until people crowded around and packed us in like sardines for the Meek Mill show (which we didn't plan to see) and we were stuck in a crowd of drunk people bumping and grinding all around us. So uncomfortable. Kyle and I couldn't handle the tight quarters but we stuck it out to see the shows later in the evening. But, from now on I hope to stick to festival more along the lines of Bonaroo and the like.
 Special thanks to my family for the congratulatory flower delivery at school it really helped to brighten up the apartment. The candy bowl is now full and ready for visitors for those thinking of dropping by ;)
 Cotton candy sugar cookies of my dreams-they might have disappeared in two days.
 I stopped by King of Prussia Mall on Friday to do some last minute shopping for France (and really only found two pairs of heels I couldn't live without, naturally) and stumbled upon some delicious macarons. I highly recommend you order some if you can't make it to the mall. mmm salted caramel.
 Can you tell I ate a lot junk food this past week?
Kyle and I shared ($8) funnel cake for dinner both nights at Made in America and oh my was it delicious.
 Before heading to the festival on the second day, Kyle and I stopped by a park to eat our lunch and sit in the shade across from this tree with a hidden face in the bark.
I'm ecstatic to have heard The Weeknd live and loved his energy on stage. 

Stay tuned for what I wore to the festival.

Have a Great Week! xo

P.S. Have you seen Hipster Barbie's Instagram yet? Too good.

September 1, 2015

Fall Festival Style

This weekend Kyle and I are going to Made in America (a music festival in Philadelphia) to see one of our favorite artists, The Weeknd- despite our feelings towards his new album (boo)- among other fabulous musicians. Anyway, we're supposed to have beautiful weather and although I've been planning my outfits for months I've still been online window shopping for further inspiration and I've rounded up some pieces similar to what I've already picked up and what I plan to search for on my procrastinatory trip to the mall on Friday. 
Buckle Booties (In Black) // Fedora (In Pink- ALL the heart-eyed emojis) // Ray-Ban Aviators

I've recruited Kyle to play photographer for me at the festival so stay tuned to see what I wore.

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